Target Chapter 32.2

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The villain and the protagonist are a family(19): There needs to be a mutual connection


Not much time passed before the Zhou Corporation declared bankruptcy. Overnight, all of Lu Wan’s lifeblood and efforts turned into dust. The Old Master Zhou moved from his expensive villa to a normal apartment, bringing the disabled Zhou Yue Qing along to care for him.

But Zhou Yue Qing was unable to endure such a life and ultimately chose to commit suicide, hoping that he’d be able to return to his original world.

After dealing with the Zhou Family, Zhou Yue Ze felt even more empty. He could not fall asleep and whenever he closed his eyes, Xiang Han’s figure would appear in his mind. Sometimes his expression was warm, other times it was cold and filled with contempt.

Under the constant torture of sorrow and joy, Zhou Yue Ze’s mental health started to wane. He had become increasingly short-tempered and his entire body had thinned.

After suffering for a month, he could no longer endure this sort of life and called for his men to investigate Xiang Han’s whereabouts.

Xiang Han was depressed for a long period of time before he gradually recovered. Occasionally, he would even chat with Big A and the rest.

The housekeeper had recently bought a brood of chicks that resembled small yellow furballs and were extremely cute. Their cries were bright and lively, extremely lovable.

Xiang Han had eaten many chickens before, but this was the first time seeing a live one. He could not help picking one up to stroke it and then told the housekeeper, “Wash them up and raise them at home.” This way, they could run about the living room, making the house more lively.

The housekeeper said, “...But they will shit everywhere.”

“...Forget it then.” Xiang Han silently put down the little chick and washed his hands thoroughly.

At night, the housekeeper brought out a dish of stewed chicken and mushrooms.

Xiang Han: “...” Those chickens were so cute, why must they eat chicken?

When Zhou Yue Ze finally found Xiang Han, it was already the next season for rice planting.

Xiang Han carefully turned around in the paddy field, frowning as he asked, “Where do these sprouts come from?”

The housekeeper followed behind him with an umbrella, patiently explaining, “It’s necessary to cultivate a plot of land for the seedlings, but in recent times, it’s all transplanted using machinery. The seedlings are grown in specially controlled conditions but some farmers are unwilling to spend the money and thus, continue using manual labour.”

“Oh.” He had thought that they’d directly plant it into the paddy fields.

Xiang Han listened to the scientific explanation and felt that his body was covered in sweat before he frowned and went back in.

When they returned to the villa, there was another person already there. Xiang Han was momentarily stunned.

Zhou Yue Ze was sizing up the villa with his eyes. Upon hearing movements, he did not turn back. Perhaps it was due to their close proximity, but he dared not turn around.

Xiang Han quickly recovered, picking up a little chick beside him and teased it a bit before carelessly asking, “You’re here?”

Zhou Yue Ze’s heart trembled and he finally turned around to look at him but was stunned.

Xiang Han’s forehead was covered in a thin layer of sweat, making his damp hair stick to it. His shoes were stained with mud and his clothes were not as neat as they used to be...

Zhou Yue Ze’s heart felt a dull ache. His sir was a person who loves cleanliness, since when had he ever been covered in filth like this?

This kind of place was too far from civilisation, there wasn’t even a proper asphalt road. When the wind blows, the dust would fly about. How could the Sir be able to endure it? And the children in the village, each and every one of them was like monkeys, running around the courtyard bare-bottomed. His Sir liked peace and tranquillity, how could he endure this noisiness? And this little courtyard with only a few simple things, it was completely unable to hold a candle to the Jiang Family’s villa. How had the Sir been living for the past few months?

He had actually forced him to this extent that he would rather live in this cramped house than go back? If this was the case, he would rather he’d never confessed and continue living with him forever in the Jiang Family’s villa. It doesn’t matter even if it meant that he’d have to live with the identity as a junior, as long as… he could continue looking at him.

The pain in Zhou Yue Ze’s heart grew increasingly fierce and his eyes also reddened. He finally took two steps towards Xiang Han, his voice hoarse, “Sir, please go back. I won’t ask for anything, I’ll even return the company to you. If you don’t want to see me, I-I-I’ll leave the company, leave the Jiang Family…”

Xiang Han saw his haggard appearance and his heart also felt strangely uncomfortable but he still sighed, “You should go back but I won’t, passing my days like this is rather comfortable.”

Frankly speaking, when he saw Zhou Yue Ze again, he felt unsettled. On one hand, Zhou Yue Ze was a real person and they had f*cked before, this feeling was too surreal. On the other hand, Zhou Yue Ze was also Lu Ze, he liked Lu Ze, but Lu Ze was also him...

Thinking of this, he was in a dilemma.

Zhou Yue Ze’s face paled, but he persevered, “Sir, I know my wrongs. I’ll receive any punishments you want, but why do you have to suffer like this…”

Saying this, he turned his pleading gaze onto the housekeeper, hoping that the other person would also help convince him.

If they had just arrived, the housekeeper would definitely have tried to persuade him. But during this period of time they had been living here, he felt that Xiang Han seemed to quite enjoy this kind of life and thus, he silently turned away, pretending not to have seen anything.

Xiang Han wanted to say something but a strange feeling suddenly came from his finger. He froze and in the next second, threw the little chick far away, nearly exploding. This, this, this… little chick actually peed on his hands! It was too shocking, his entire scalp had gone numb!

Watching Xiang Han dash by like a gust of wind, Zhou Yue Ze was stunned and wanted to follow. The housekeeper was nearer to him and naturally, understood what had happened. He endured his laughter and stopped him.

Ultimately, Xiang Han did not move out and Zhou Yue Ze left silently. But not long later, he returned and even built a small courtyard beside theirs.

The housekeeper learnt of the news and quickly ran over to inform Xiang Han, “He has handed everything over to Assistant Zhao for the time being. I heard that he is taking a vacation for a period of time.”

Assistant Zhao was one of Xiang Han’s men. When Zhou Yue Ze was working, he was the one that reported Zhou Yue Ze’s progress to him. Afterwards, Zhou Yue Ze took over the company and Assistant Zhao left. He did not know how Zhou Yue Ze managed to find Assistant Zhao.

Xiang Han laid on the wicker chair, leisurely eating lotus seeds. When he turned back, he realized that the person peeling the lotus seeds had changed and frowned.

Zhou Yue Ze’s heart tensed and he quickly said, “I’ve already washed my hands many times.”

Xiang Han did not say anything, silently turning away. He felt that his personality was rather different from Lu Ze, but in reality, if he looked carefully, there are some habits that overlapped.

Ah, what a headache. Xiang Han did not have the mood to continue to eat the lotus seeds. The little chick that had tottered over beside him was also mercilessly kicked away. Ever since it shed its fluff and changed, the little fellow was no longer cute.
Zhou Yue Ze glanced at the little chick that had also been cast into the cold palace along with him and had a rough understanding. The next day, he gave a kitten to Xiang Han.

Xiang Han’s gaze became even more complicated. In the last world, Lu Ze had also given him one.

Ah, his headache was even more severe now.

In the end, he accepted the kitten and dully said, “Since your courtyard hasn’t been built, you can stay here for the time being.”

Zhou Yue Ze was stunned but he quickly became overjoyed.

Actually, Zhou Yue Ze was already done abusing those scums and had become a successful businessman. Xiang Han’s mission could be considered as completed.

But thinking of having to leave made Xiang Han feel strangely disappointed, so he kept dragging out his time.

A few days later, he accidentally chanced upon Zhou Yue Ze taking medicine in his room and grew worried.

When Zhou Yue Ze was not around, Xiang Han went into the room to take a look at the medicine. After he realised that it was medicine for depression, he couldn’t help sinking into silence.

[What needs to be done in order to establish a resonance?] He finally asked Big A.

Big A nearly wept with happiness and quickly appeared, [There needs to be a mutual connection. The stronger the feelings, the easier it is to establish a resonance.]

[Must both parties have feelings?]

[Normally, it requires both parties to have mutual feelings for a more effective resonance. But there are some problems with the general’s memories and he might not remember it once he returns, so…] Big A dared not hide anything any longer.

Xiang Han did not speak, silently contemplating.

When Zhou Yue Ze returned, he began to fight with the housekeeper for everything; cooking, cleaning, washing, cracking walnuts… As long as it concerned Xiang Han, he took over.

The housekeeper was very worried. If this continued, wouldn’t he soon become useless?

Xiang Han ate a mouthful of the food Zhou Ye Ze made and instantly frowned: Was this really Lu Ze? The food Lu Ze cooked were all so tasty, but those that Zhou Yue Ze made were… simply inedible.

He put down his chopsticks and said in frustration, “In the future, don’t go into the kitchen anymore. You have such a big company to manage, yet you run over here to fight with Uncle Zhang for these small tasks, isn’t it disgraceful? You had better go back.”

Was he chasing him away? Zhou Yue Ze’s heart tightened and quickly said, “My house hasn’t even been built finished…”

Xiang Han stood up and slowly said, “Then you stay here and wait until it is done. Uncle Zhang, pack up, we’re going back.”

Zhou Yue Ze froze, then happiness flashed through his eyes, asking in disbelief, “Sir, you, you’re planning to return?”

Xiang Han glanced at him before replying, “En.”

The housekeeper was also overjoyed. Where would he have the time to pack up? He quickly got Zhou Yue Ze to drive the car over, afraid that Xiang Han would change his mind.

End of Chapter 32


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