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The villain and the protagonist are a family(15): You actually fell for this kind of thing?

Zhou Yue Ze stood on the spot in a daze, his eyes gradually reddening. His fists were tightly clenched and after a moment, he suddenly smashed a fist against the wall.

He did not move into the new villa, but found a nearby apartment. Everyday he only went to and fro his school and the company, as if he had really given up on Xiang Han.

Xiang Han finally relaxed and felt that he had pulled the other person back onto the right track.

Time flew by and the relationship between the two of them slowly grew better. Occasionally, the housekeeper would nag and Xiang Han would call Zhou Yue Ze over for dinner.

Everytime, Zhou Yue Ze would show up with a respectful attitude, even more courteous than before, as if he really treated Xiang Han as his elder.

Xiang Han was relieved and the year Zhou Yue Ze graduated, he promoted him to group general manager. In this period of time, he hinted at his dissatisfaction towards the Zhou Family, can you help your father share this burden?

Zhou Yue Ze indeed had the intention to take revenge on the Zhou Family but he never thought of using the Jiang Family’s influence. He started his own company and had been investigating the Zhou Corporation in the dark for a long time, investigating where the money had been flowing out to.

However, faced with Xiang Han’s request, he would never fail him. Thus, from the first time he hinted, Zhou Yue Ze began to put pressure on the Zhou Corporation.

After a few years, Zhou Chengxi and Lu Wan were no longer as harmonious as before. They each reigned over half of Zhou, but once Zhou Yue Ze appeared, this balance was disrupted.

Because the one Zhou Yue Ze was pressuring was the Zhou, Lu Wan gradually rose up in the company while Zhou Chengxi’s days were not good.

Lu Wan thought that Zhou Yue Ze was using the Jiang Family’s power to help her and felt touched, thinking that her efforts all these years had not gone to waste. She tried to contact Zhou Yue Ze for a meal, but never got through. In the end, her number was even blacklisted by Zhou Yue Ze’s assistant.

Zhou Chengxi quickly found Zhou Yue Ze, and was more brash. He directly stood outside his company and was beaten up by Zhou Yue Ze’s people afterwards.

Unfortunately, this fellow refused to give up. After he recovered, he came back again, making Zhou Yue Ze curious. What on earth could let Zhou Chengxi be so shameless?

On this day, Zhou Chengxi was still squatting outside his company when he came down with Xiang Han. After knowing the situation, Xiang Han simply threw out a sentence, “Since he won’t give up, there’s no harm listening to what he has to say.”

Zhou Yue Ze agreed, and after sending Xiang Han to the car, he turned around and told the bodyguards restraining Zhou Chengxi, “First, let him go.”

Because he didn’t want to prolong the conversation, Zhou Yue Ze found a place and asked, “What is it?”

Zhou Chengxi looked around awkwardly, “Why don’t we find a restaurant to sit down and talk.”

Zhou Yue Ze replied expressionlessly, “Apologies. Seeing your face, I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat anything.”

Zhou Chengxi’s face turned green but this opportunity was too hard to come by. Even if he was furious, he dared not say anything.

He could only restrain his emotions as he said, “You probably don’t know this yet but Zhou Yue Qing is returning soon. Your grandfather plans to let him enter the Zhou Corporation.”

“Oh,” Zhou Yue Ze had an expression of ‘this has nothing to do with me’.

Zhou Chengxi’s face became uglier. Zhou Yue Qing had undergone a couple of operations and his body was no different from a normal person’s now. Old Master Zhou wanted to let him join the Zhou Corporation clearly because he could not win against Lu Wan and wanted to change the heir.

Having his son and wife try to snatch his position made Zhou Chengxi extremely humiliated. He currently needed an ally but after thinking, he could only find Zhou Yue Ze.

He clenched his teeth and said softly, “Do you really think you won’t be affected at all? Your current position is all because of Jiang Han’s affections. Now that the real owner is coming back, are you really not worried at all?”

Zhou Yue Ze laughed wordlessly and felt that Zhou Chengxi really saw him as a fool that could be easily tricked. Jiang Han will like Zhou Yue Qing? He wasn’t that blind.

Seeing his unchanged expression, Zhou Chengxi quickly continued, “I’m not lying to you. At that time, the one Jiang Han wanted was Zhou Yue Qing but Lu Wan did not agree. I was helpless and could only send you over…”

“Afterwards, Zhou Yue Qing’s illness got worse and could only stay in the hospital. Moreover, because there was you to substitute him, Jiang Han didn’t continue pressing the matter further. I know that it is Jiang Han who is controlling you to target the Zhou Corporation, but that’s because Zhou Yue Qing has recovered and he wants to force us to hand Zhou Yue Qing over to him. But he doesn’t know than in the past year, your grandfather has been grooming him…”

Afterward, he began white-washing himself, talking about the difficulties he had faced at the start, and how giving him to Jiang Han was Lu Wan’s idea. Now that Zhou Yue Qing was back, it was not just their company that was affected, even Zhou Yue Ze would lose Jiang Han’s affections. Why shouldn’t they join forces? They were biologically father and son, why shouldn’t they get rid of their grudges?

Zhou Yue Ze was so disgusted, he directly threw a punch and then mercilessly gave him another kick. “In the future, don’t use such disgusting reasons to find me.”

Zhou Yue Ze had been trained by the system, this punch and kick was enough to land Zhou Chengxi in the hospital for two months.

Although Zhou Yue Ze did not believe that Xiang Han would really fall for Zhou Yue Qing, he remembered that Xiang Han had said that he had a person he liked. Moreover, that person was not in City A and he couldn’t help feeling suspicious.

Because of this, he became distracted for many days and was even summoned by Xiang Han.

“Is the workload recently too much for you? Do you need a few days of vacation?” Xiang Han knew that he had another company and often had to travel back and forth. He was afraid that it was too tiring for him.

“No need,” Zhou Yue Ze shook his head but his mental state was not good.

Xiang Han could tell that he had many things on his mind, and was extremely curious, but he still maintained an expressionless face, “If you have anything, just say it.” Zhou Yue Ze’s emotions had been very restrained in the last few years, it was extremely difficult to guess what he was thinking.

Zhou Yue Ze hesitated for a moment before he finally asked, “Sir, what do you think of Zhou Yue Qing?”

“Zhou Yue Qing?” Xiang Han was stunned and half a day passed before he recalled who that was. What was there to think about that black hearted lotus, can he use his nostrils to think?

“He…” Xiang Han used up a great amount of brain juice to think of a word to describe him.

Zhou Yue Ze saw his struggle and his heart suddenly tensed.

“He’s a rather capable person.”

Zhou Yue Ze’s heart tightened and he quickly asked, “Do you admire him?”

“No way,” Xiang Han said resolutely, then quickly reminding him, “You better not learn from him.”

The things he did on the surface and the things he did under were two completely different things. Such a sly person, even Xiang Han and Little Nine added up together were no match for him.

Zhou Yue Ze was instantly relieved, it seems he had thought too much. Like he said, Jiang Han was not blind, how could he like such a thing.

Ultimately, even if the mountain doesn’t go to a person, the person will go to the mountain[1]. Two months later, Zhou Yue Qing returned and went into Zhou Company. If it wasn’t for Lu Wan and Zhou Chengxi working together to stop him, the Old Master Zhou would already have let him enter the highest position of management.

Seeing Zhou Yue Qing slowly threatening his own position, Zhou Chengxi could no longer sit still.

At a banquet, he secretly got someone to switch Zhou Yue Qing and Xiang Han’s drinks.

Xiang Han picked up his glass and right when the System was about to alert him, Big A suddenly stopped it and then sent a private message to Little B: [Roy, do you think it’ll be better for him to drink it?]

Little B: [After Mr. Xiang finds out, I’m afraid he would be angry. I think we should take things slowly.]

Big A: [Ah, then forget it. 009…]

Just as his words fell, Xiang Han already downed the entire glass.

System, Big A and Little B: ...

Big A: [It’s fate, this is all fate.]

Little B: [...] Why do you sound so happy?

Big A: [009, quick alert the protagonist and call him over to save him.]

[Oh, oh.] System quickly went into Xiang Han’s cellphone and sent a message.

When Zhou Yue Ze received the message, he was surprised. Xiang Han had brought his chauffeur along, why did he still call for him? Moreover, with Xiang Han’s personality, even if he hadn’t brought along his chauffeur, he would directly call his bodyguard and not send him a message.

A light of vigilance flashed across his eyes. Someone had used Xiang Han’s phone to message him.

Zhou Yue Ze did not have time to think, he quickly got into the car and drove away. When he reached the grand hall, he circled around a few times but was unable to find Xiang Han. Nobody answered when he tried calling, making him extremely uneasy.

Thankfully someone noticed his dilemma and after asking, he found out that Xiang Han had been a little intoxicated and was taken to the VIP room to rest.

Zhou Yue Ze sighed in relief and followed the other person’s direction to find the room. But when he opened the door, the scene he saw made his vision crack.

Inside the room, there was Xiang Han and Zhou Yue Qing. At the moment, the two of them were lying on the bed and their clothes were a mess. Zhou Yue Qing laid on top of Xiang Han and was continuously grinding against him, even reaching a hand under his clothes.

Zhou Yue Ze stood frozen at the door, his hands had gone cold. He didn’t notice the abnormality of the two people, only thinking: Xiang Han didn’t push him away, Xiang Han actually didn’t push him away!

His eyes reddened and he gnashed his teeth, directly going forward and throwing Zhou Yue Qing to the ground. Then he picked Xiang Han up, holding tightly onto his shoulders as he asked in a voice full of pain, “You really like him? You rejected me and actually fell for this thing? How is he better than me? Is he worthy?”

Xiang Han raised his head, his face completely flushed. His glasses had long fallen somewhere and he gazed at Zhou Yue Ze with confusion, “Ah Ze?”

Big A: [Yi, he still misses Lu Ze.]

Little B: [Cough, cough, Should we begin the censoring?]

Big A: [Wait a little more, it’s still early.]

System: [...]

When Zhou Yue Ze heard this, his hands trembled and his heart felt itchy. He finally looked at Xiang Han properly and immediately understood what had happened.

“D-don’t you worry, I’ll take you away immediately.” He quickly scooped Xiang Han up and carried him. When he passed Zhou Yue Qing, a vicious light flashed through his eyes.

End of Chapter 30

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[1]山不就人人就山: Mountain does not find the person, person will find the mountain. Unavoiable, inevitable


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