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The next day, after coming up with a plan, Xiang Han got his men to invite Ji Wei over for tea.

The Fifth Master Jiang had personally invited her for tea. Ji Wei was very frightened, but at the same time, she dared not reject the invitation. After discussing it with Zhou Chengxi, she still came in fear.

Entering the tearoom, she carefully asked, “M-Mr. Jiang, may I ask what did you invite me over for?”

Xiang Han did not reply, lifting an arm in a “please go ahead” gesture and mildly said, “Drink tea.”

How could Ji Wei dare not drink? Rumours have it that the Fifth Master Jiang was a person who killed without seeing blood, even killing his own biological brother. Therefore, she lifted her cup shakily.

After finishing the tea, Ji Wei’s anxiety slowly faded. She only remembered at the end, Xiang Han had duly warned her, “Don’t make trouble for Zhou Yue Ze in the future.”

After leaving the teahouse, she was still puzzled. Did the Fifth Master Jiang have to personally warn her?

She did not have much time to analyse it before she received a piece of shocking news: Zhou Yue Qing’s illness had worsened and he was about to die.

After she got off the car, Ji Wei stumbled into the hospital. She grabbed onto a passing doctor and asked, “Where is Zhou Yue Qing’s room?”

The doctor was expressionless and his voice was odd. “How are you related to him? Zhou Yue Qing’s illness is extremely precarious. If we are still unable to find a suitable donor…”

Ji Wei said without hesitation, “Give him my heart. I’m his mother, his biological mother, there’ll definitely be no problems. Please, I’m begging you, you have to save him…”

Ji Wei froze. She was indeed concerned for Zhou Yue Ze, but she had never thought of using her own life to exchange for his. She had no idea why she had said such a thing.

The doctor’s reaction was also awkward, as if he had just recovered from a shock, and asked with uncertainty, “Miss, what did you just say?”

At the same time, Lu Wan, Zhou Chengxi and the Zhou Family’s elders were also stunned by this scene.

Lu Wan wasn’t sure how she walked over, but she grabbed onto Ji Wei’s collar with trembling hands and asked, “What did you just say? You said Zhou Yue Qing is whose son?”

Ji Wei had just noticed them and immediately paled, her gaze turning to Zhou Chengxi for help. At this moment, she was still worried for Zhou Yue Qing and couldn’t help asking, “Chengxi, how is Yue- Young Master Zhou?”

Zhou Chengxi’s face was dark and he angrily replied, “He’s already out of danger.”

Watching all this, how could Lu Wan still not understand? She suddenly felt frightened, recalling Zhou Yue Ze’s words from yesterday and his reaction at that time. Many possibilities suddenly appeared in her mind.

She grabbed her hair and shook her head madly. “There’s- There’s no way, this cannot be real. I don’t believe it…”

Zhou Chengxi’s mother was also anxious, “Chengxi, what’s going on? Quickly explain.”

Zhou Chengxi looked at them with difficulty and tried to think of a way to tide over this crisis. Lu Wan abruptly stood up with a crazed look and said, “I don’t believe it, it can’t be possible. I want to do a DNA test…”

Seeing that the situation was out of hand as paper cannot contain fire[1], Zhou Chengxi finally admitted, “When Yue Qing was born, his body was too bad and I couldn’t bear to leave him outside, so I, so…” Biting his lip, he continued, “So I swapped him with Yue Ze.”

The old mistress Zhou almost fainted while the old Master immediately picked up his walking stick to beat him. “You evil bastard, how can you be so careless? How can a mistress’s child be compared to Lu Wan’s child? You actually swapped them, and even sent Yue Ze to that kind of person… Are you stupid?”

Thinking of how Zhou Yue Ze had been personally sent to the Jiang Family by them, the Zhou old master could not breathe and fainted.

Lu Wan also thought of this and her face paled. How relieved she had been at that time was how much heartache and regret she felt now. She pointed her trembling fingers at Zhou Chengxi, wanting to scold him, but could not find the words. She simply wanted to tear this scoundrel apart but found that she did not have the strength.

She had actually cursed at her own child and pushed him into the fire pit with her own hands. Lu Wan just had to think of this and her heart ached furiously, unable to even stand properly. Reality was too cruel, she had hoped for even a moment that it was not true, but Zhou Chengxi had admitted it himself. How could it not be real?

As for Zhou Yue Ze… her son probably already knew about this otherwise, why would he have said such words yesterday? But how had she replied to him, did she really say those heartless and cruel words? She had scolded her own child as a shameless person who could only live shamefully in the dark, and even said that he was a bed partner for…

Lu Wan shivered uncontrollably as if the entire sky had fallen down and suffocated her. The doctor that was performing CPR on the Old master Zhou noticed her abnormality and quickly called for others to put her on a bed.

When the chaos died down, Ji Wei finally gathered her courage to come forward and said softly, “Chengxi, I want to see Yue Qing.”

Zhou Chengxi did not even hesitate and gave her a slap, fuming, “Bitch, who allowed you to come to the hospital? Are you only satisfied after seeing the Zhou and Lu Family fall out?”

Ji Wei was slapped until she nearly hit a wall, her face swelled up quickly and the corners of her lips were bleeding. Unhappiness flashed through her eyes but after steadying herself, she continued with a tearful expression, “Chengxi, it wasn’t intentional. I really didn’t mean to say those words, it was… it was Fifth Master Jiang. That’s right, it’s him!”

It was as if she had grasped at straws in her final moments, struggling to fight back, “It was him. He invited me for tea, you also knew that. There must have been something wrong with the tea…”

Chengxi did not even think and immediately gave her another slap. “You’re saying this on purpose because you think I don’t dare to make trouble for Jiang Han, right? Scram, I want you to immediately scram. Don’t even think of seeing Zhou Yue Qing ever again!”

Ji Wei stared disbelieving at him with tear-filled eyes, appearing extremely pitiful. Normally, Zhou Chengxi would definitely hold and comfort her, but now, he only felt irritated. Thinking of the Lu Family’s reaction, he even had the desire to kick her.

Ji Wei was frightened by his bloodthirsty gaze and dared not continue speaking, almost breaking into a run when she left.

When Xiang Han heard his subordinate’s report, he was so satisfied that he instructed the kitchen to prepare a few more dishes.

Dinner time, his expression was calm but his heart was secretly overjoyed. “The Zhou family knows of your identity, including Lu Wan.”

Zhou Yue Ze’s chopsticks froze, then he continued as if it did not concern him. “Oh.”

That’s all? Xiang Han was secretly gritting his teeth. What a waste of all his effort.

In reality, Zhou Yue Ze was not as calm as he appeared to be. It was not due to that bunch of people from the Zhou family, but rather, he was guessing who was the one who exposed this matter.

Was it Jiang Han? Apart from him, Zhou Yue Ze could not think of anyone else. But why would he do such a thing? To take revenge for him?

Facing his silence, Xiang Han continued, “I’m only telling you this to inform you that from tomorrow onwards, you have to clean yourself up properly before leaving the house.”

“...” Zhou Yue Ze’s face instantly turned black. What was he talking about, since when was he not clean? Also, how did the conversation shift to this direction?

Seeing his confusion, Xiang Han calmly explained, “The people who will come and find you will increase. In order to ensure that your studies are not affected, you will take my car to school from now on.”

As a parent, he had to be firm and decisive.

Zhou Yue Ze stiffened, an inexplicable sense of warmth suddenly washed over him. He did not want the other person to notice his abnormality and quickly lowered his head to hide his expression.

Xiang Han saw his reaction and was worried. Was he… Was he too harsh?

Hesitating for a moment, he continued in a cold voice, “If you aren’t willing, then forget it.”

Zhou Yue Ze raised his head, feeling baffled but the corners of his lips were raised ever so slightly. He shook his head, “Then I will have to trouble Mr. Jiang for awhile.”

Xiang Han felt that he was becoming more and more like a real father lately. Apart from providing food and shelter, he was even solving his son’s psychological problems. And now, he had to fetch him around. But raising a child was interesting, he felt that he might actually be enjoying it.

After the truth came to light, the Lu Family quickly took action. The first people who came were Lu Wan and her parents.

Xiang Han did not meet them and Zhou Yue Ze also did not have any intention of doing so, immediately chasing them away.

The decision to bring Zhou Yue Ze back met with opposing views from both the Zhou and the Lu Family. According to the Lu, that was their grandchild, he must be brought back.

After the Old Master Zhou calmed down and carefully considered, he told Zhou Chengxi, “This matter needs to be handled with caution. Firstly, Yue Ze already has a grudge against us. Secondly, Jiang Han is not someone we can afford to offend, and thirdly… The Lu Family is too deep within our company. If Yue Ze sides with them after he comes back…”

In the end, there was only the Lu Family who came for Zhou Yue Ze.

After chasing away the Lu Family, Xiang Han asked Zhou Yue Ze what he planned to do.

Zhou Yue Ze was revising his work and after contemplating for a while, he finally said, “Didn’t I already sell my body to you? In the future, I’ll do whatever Mr. Jiang wants me to do.”

Xiang Han was taken aback but the other person still had an expression full of seriousness. He suddenly felt unhappy and deliberately said, “Oh, even going to bed is fine?”

The tips of Zhou Yue Ze’s ears turned red but he forced himself to remain calm, “Mr. Jiang must be joking.”

Although that was what he said, in his heart, he was thinking that Jiang Han had indeed not given up this thought. But the funny thing was, he actually wasn’t angry?

Zhou Yue Ze’s heart was suddenly thrown into a frenzy, unable to continue solving problems.

Xiang Han saw him stuck and his eyes instantly lit up, thinking: It’s finally my turn to shine.

Putting on an expression of what he thought was extremely “dignified”, he lowered his head and asked, “You don’t know how to do? Let me take a look.”

“...” Looking at the question, Zhou Yue Ze felt that he might have been able to solve it, but he unexpectedly handed it to the other person as if he’d lost his soul.

Xiang Han scanned the problems then calmly asked his System, [Little Nine, how do I answer this question?]

System: [...]

After the system finished explaining, Xiang Han was still lost. [Can you… repeat again?]

System: [... Why don’t you let me take control of your voice for a while.]

[No, no, no, What if you accidentally say something wrong?] Xiang Han immediately rejected the idea and quickly suggested, [Why don’t you say one sentence, then I’ll repeat after you?]

[Alright.] System agreed.

Afterward, Xiang Han searched around but was unable to find a clean piece of paper and took out a piece of tissue paper in the end. As he wrote the answer, he slowly explained, pausing between each line.

But in Zhou Yue Ze’s eyes, this manner of speaking was extremely focused. His pace was neither slow nor fast, as if afraid he wouldn’t be able to understand. Pausing every time he finished a sentence, it was as if the other person was giving him time to think.

But his emotions were a mess, unable to even hear a single word. When Xiang Han asked him, “Understood?”, he instinctively replied, “No.”

Xiang Han was depressed, he had spoken with much difficulty, did he have to repeat one more time?

After this experience, Xiang Han never tried to act self-confident again. What revision, it wasn’t humane.

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[1] Paper cannot contain fire: the truth cannot be concealed and will eventually be revealed


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