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The villain and the protagonist are a family(7): Write a reflection


Zhou Yue Ze put down his bag and changed his clothes before heading down for dinner. While walking past the living room, he was stopped.

“I heard you beat up someone in school today?” Xiang Han asked while flipping the newspaper, without lifting his head up to look at him.

Living in the other person’s house, he had no choice but to lower his head. Zhou Yue Ze turned around, looked at him and answered, “En.”

“You beat him until his face was swollen, and even threatened him?”

Zhou Yue Ze: “...” Do you have memory loss, weren’t you the one who got people to beat him up?

“Why are you not speaking?” Xiang Han stared at the newspaper and casually asked. In reality, his heart was blooming with happiness. Being a parent was such a good feeling.

Zhou Yue Ze was speechless, “... I didn’t, I only kicked him once.”

Housekeeper Zhang promptly backed him up, “That’s right, Mr. Chen personally admitted that he was the one who hit his son.”

The corners of Xiang Han’s mouth twitched. Folding his newspapers, he threw it onto the coffee table and tried to recall how his father had punished him in the past. Afterwards, he lifted his head and his gaze landed on Zhou Yue Ze. He coldly said, “A few days ago, you said you wanted to go to school. What did you promise me? Fighting and threatening another student, my hard-earned money used to send you to school…”

[You’re overreacting, your character setting is going to collapse!] System quickly reminded him fearfully.

[Cough, cough, apologies, I was too immersed in my role.] Xiang Han quickly coughed lightly and picked up a teacup to hide his embarrassment.

Zhou Yue Ze was dumbfounded. Earlier on, who was the person speaking such righteous words? Also, since when did he spend any of his money on school?

Thankfully, the housekeeper once again helped him prove his innocence, and carefully reminded, “Sir, Young Master Zhou has only been here for four days, and only bought a few shirts. He hasn’t spent much money.”

Xiang Han glared at him and put down his cup before saying to Zhou Yue Ze, “I want you to write a reflection and hand it to me tonight. Also, copy down your school rules ten times.”

Zhou Yue Ze, “...” Did he forget to eat his medicine today?

The housekeeper was worried, “Sir, there is less than a hundred days until the college entrance examination, the pressure on the students is very great. Today, the principal even told me that Young Master Zhou’s grades have been slipping, probably because of the numerous things that have been going on…”

Xiang Han was speechless. It had only been a week and he could actually tell that his grades were slipping?

However, in the first place, he was only doing it for fun. He never intended to torment Zhou Yue Ze. Therefore, he picked up his newspaper once more and continued his pretence, saying, “Then just write an 800-word reflection, hand it in to me by tonight.”

That shouldn’t be too much, the “Husky” could even write tens of thousands of words in a day.

“Understood,” Zhou Yue Ze answered blandly.

Housekeeper Zhang was relieved. He then reminded, “Sir, dinner is ready.”

“...” Xiang Han’s expression froze and he silently complained: ‘Why didn’t you say it earlier? I just picked up my newspaper, how can I put it down now? How?’

“Let him eat first,” he could only act calm and let them think that he wanted to continue reading for awhile.

But Zhou Yue Ze could obviously see his hesitation and couldn’t help feeling surprised. This Mr. Jiang seemed to be slightly different from what he had imagined.

Before he could contemplate further, the housekeeper had already brought him to the dining room while telling him, “The Master really cares for you after all…”

Zhou Yue Ze, “...” This pair of Master and housekeeper was quite interesting.

At night, when Zhou Yue Ze delivered the reflection paper, Xiang Han was already getting ready for bed. When he opened the door, he was frowning, clearly unhappy, “What took you so long?”

Zhou Yue Ze was momentarily stunned, then his face abruptly flushed.

Xiang Han had just taken a bath. Traces of water droplets still lingered on his body and the collar of his nightgown was a little low, revealing the pale and smooth skin under his collarbone. It made one can’t help but want to reach a hand inside to caress it. Due to the lack of glasses, Xiang Han’s gaze was also less icy than usual. A pair of long and enchanting phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, with a touch of bewitching charm. Perhaps it was due to his short-sightedness, his gaze constantly lingered, as if in a daze.

Zhou Yue Ze’s throat suddenly felt extremely dry and his heartbeat also quickened. He hurriedly passed the reflection paper to the other person and left in a rush.

Xiang Han spread it out and was nearly angered to death. His hands were still wet. Thus, when he touched the paper, some words were smudged, causing his fingers to be stained with ink and he had to wash his hands again.

That night, Zhou Yue Ze had a fascinating dream. Although he couldn’t see the appearance of the other person, the smooth and flat chest that made him unable to take his hands off clearly belonged to a man.

When he woke up, his lower body was sticky and he instantly felt irritated. In his dreams, he had not realized it. But once he woke up, he was extremely clear that the person was Jiang Han.

At breakfast, he dared not look at the other person, simply eating a little before he left.

Xiang Han suddenly stopped him and handed a card over, “The password is your birthday.”

Zhou Yue Ze lowered his gaze and silently thought, ‘Those pale and slender fingers look really good holding the card.’

Xiang Han saw him freeze and quickly understood. As a protagonist, his self-esteem must be very strong, and he must have felt very humiliated.

Thus he gently said, “Take it first. In the future, I will deduct it from your salary.”

Zhou Yue Ze silently accepted the card, however, in the process, he accidentally bumped into Xiang Han.

As if struck by a bolt of lightning, Xiang Han snatched his hand back.

Zhou Yue Ze’s expression was extremely ugly. Although he could tell that the other party had mysophobia from the last few days, he still felt uncomfortable.

Xiang Han did not intend to go to the office today. After he finished his breakfast, he headed to the next room.

After a few days of investigation, the bodyguards that the transmigrator had planted in the Jiang Family had all been weeded out. He intended to order people to punish the other parties, as a gift to the transmigrator.

When Zhou Yue Ze arrived at school, he was stopped. After seeing the person who had arrived, the corners of his mouth curved into a mocking smile.

Ji Wei’s face was pale and when she spoke, her voice trembled, “Yue Ze, mum wants to talk to you.”

Zhou Yue Ze asked her in a condescending tone, “What do we still have to talk about?”

A few days ago, he had painstakingly escaped and returned to the Zhou house. Who was the one crying and begging for him to go back to the Jiang house? And who was the one who secretly informed Zhou Chengxi, and tied him up to be sent back?

Ji Wei glanced at the passing students and revealed an expression of awkwardness. She softly said, “Yue Ze, I know you hate mum, but mum really had no choice. The Jiang Family is too powerful, your father can’t afford to offend them…”

Zhou Yue Ze sneered and directly bypassed her to walk away.

Ji Wei was taken aback. When she regained her wits, she hastily chased after him and grabbed onto him, saying, “Yue Ze, listen to mum, your father will find a way to save you but you definitely cannot make that man angry, okay?”

Zhou Yu Ze shrugged her off and said in annoyance, “Speak properly.”

Ji Wei awkwardly retracted her hands and carefully said, “It’s mum’s fault, my identity is too shameful and implicated you into this mess. It’s natural that you’re angry, but you shouldn’t blame Yue Qing, he’s really innocent. In the first place, this is what we both owe him…”

“You mean this is what you owe him,” Zhou Yue Ze interrupted her coldly then asked her with a deep gaze, “Are you really my mother?”

Ji Wei froze, panic flashing through her eyes but she quickly calmed down and forced a laugh, “Yue Ze, what nonsense are you saying? I brought you up with much difficulty. If I’m not your mother, then who can it be?”

Although the DNA result was not out, Zhou Yue Ze already understood from Ji Wei’s reaction. Jiang Han had not lied to him.

He was disappointed, but also relieved. Fortunately, this selfish person was not his mother.

No wonder from a young age, she had always told him not to envy Zhou Yue Qing, not to fight with him. He was merely an illegitimate child, and he had no right to compare with Lu Wan’s son. Turns out, it was not out of guilt, but greed.

The mockery in Zhou Yue Ze’s gaze deepened, its meaning unknown, and he said, “You spared no effort in pushing me into this fire pit, I really thought I was just a child you picked up.”

After he said this, he did not wait for Ji Wei to react and immediately left.

Ji Wei was frozen on the spot. People who had committed shameful deeds were often suspicious of others. After she had regained her senses, she promptly called Zhou Chengxi.

The people tailing Zhou Yue Ze swiftly informed Xiang Han of what had happened and he got people to erase all evidence of the DNA test that Zhou Yue Ze had requested for. Afterwards, he got someone to give Zhou Chengxi a warning.

Zhou Chengxi couldn’t find anything and was even given a stern warning. He felt extremely bitter but he couldn’t go to Xiang Han and Zhou Yue Ze and create trouble. Thus, he gave Ji Wei a good scolding, warning her to not look for Zhou Yue Ze in the future.

Ji Wei’s heart immediately cooled. Those years when Zhou Chengxi was chasing her, he did various things to please her. But after he got her heart, his attitude quickly changed. And now, because of a small matter, he was even giving her the cold shoulder. Unfortunately, Zhou Yue Qing was still in the Zhou family. For her child, she could only endure.

A week later, the result came out. Zhou Yue Ze was extremely calm as he looked at the report and immediately tore it up after he was done. He then left without another glance.

After knowing this matter, Xiang Han instructed the kitchen to prepare several more dishes.

System could not help but ask, [Mr. Xiang, aren’t you going to console him?]

[What’s there to console? When one is sad, you just have to eat delicious food and you won’t be sad anymore.] This was from personal experience.

System, [...but earlier, all the dishes you asked for the kitchen to prepare were what you liked to eat.]

[I-Is it?] Xiang Han was a little guilty and weakly replied, [Then, I’ll ask them to prepare two more.]

When Zhou Yue Ze returned, the housekeeper went forward and took his bag. At the same time, he kindly told him, “Quick, go and wash up. The master heard that you are in a bad mood today and specially told the kitchen to prepare many delicious dishes today.”

Zhou Yue Ze paused and he suddenly understood, Xiang Han had always gotten people to follow him.

His expression was ugly for a moment but under the other person’s roof, he could not retaliate.

In the dining room, Xiang Han sat at the table with a book in his hand, extremely engrossed in it. The light shining down on him created a calm and tranquil atmosphere around him, causing his pale skin to seem almost translucent.

Zhou Yue Ze’s gaze couldn’t help but flicker to him, the unhappiness in his heart instantly dissipated by half.

Sensing his arrival, Xiang Han put down the dog blood novel disguised as an economics book and mildly said, “You’re here? Sit down and eat.” He was nearly dying of hunger.

Zhou Yue Ze swept a glance over the table and saw that there were several dishes which he usually liked to eat. A sense of warmth unexpectedly emerged in his heart. In the end, the last bit of unhappiness completely disappeared.

End of Chapter 25

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