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The villain and the protagonist is a family(1): Can you find me a person more normal?


That’s right, Xiang Han once again transmigrated into the body of a villain. However, this time, he got a promotion. He was not a cannon fodder, but the ultimate devil.

This was a transmigration plot, the main protagonist was called Zhou Yue Ze. He led a hard life after being swapped at birth. Originally, he should have been a rich young master. Zhou Yue Ze had a younger brother from a different mother called Zhou Yue Qing, an illegitimate child born from his father’s mistress.

When Zhou Yue Qing was born, he was diagnosed with heart disease. This disease was extremely precarious and his body was always weak, frequently landing him in the hospital. At that time, Father Zhou had just taken over the family business. Money was not an issue, there was plenty to raise a mistress. However, to find a good doctor for his illegitimate child and send him for the best medical treatment meant he would have to use the family’s money. But once he uses the money, wouldn’t the matter of his mistress and illegitimate child come to light?

His marriage with his wife Lu Wan was originally one of conveniences, for the sake of shared benefits. At that time, his business was still in the early stage, he dared not let his wife know of this matter. But due to his mistress pitiful pleas, over sometimes, Father Zhou’s brain short-circuited and he did something extremely cruel.

Speaking of which, this matter was rather coincidental. On the same day, Lu Wan had also given birth to a cute and healthy son. Zhou Father thought about it and thought that since both were his sons, the younger son was weak and required medical care while his older son was healthy, as the older brother, he should give way a little. At most, he would compensate his older son in the future.

Then, he brainlessly… swapped the two children. Thus, the legitimate child who should originally have been the young master of the Zhou family became the illegitimate child. The illegitimate Zhou Yue Qing became the legitimate son of the family. In the end, the matter was still found out, and the Master of the Zhou Family furiously scolded Father Zhou and brought Zhou Yue Ze back. The mistress and her child very quickly became a joke.

Although Zhou Yue Ze was raised by his mistress, he never went onto the wrong path. After returning to the Zhou family, under his grandfather’s guidance,  he learned quickly and became a person capable of overturning clouds and calling rain[1] in the business world. Afterward, he went overseas to marry a man. Both his career and romantic life was extremely fulfilling. As for the illegitimate Zhou Yue Qing, he had somehow offended the Jiangs, an extremely influential family in A city, and was personally sent by Father Zhou to Jiang Han, the head of that family.

Jiang Han was the original host, however, Xiang Han had now taken over this body. The Jiang Family had dealings in both the legal and the underworld, no one in City A dared to offend him. Although the Zhou family was also a prominent family but compared to the Jiangs, there was a big difference. This was also the reason why Father Zhou chose to send his own son rather than offend the original host.

Moreover, the original host was a person capable of doing anything to achieve his goals. He wasn’t even thirty yet but had already become the head of the Jiang Family. Because he was fifth in line, many people in the industry knew him as “Fifth Master”. As for the other four before him, they were either dead or sitting in jail.

However, the original host did not like this title. He wasn’t even thirty yet, calling him ‘Master’[2] made him feel old. Therefore, those who knew him called him CEO Jiang or Mr. Jiang.

At this time, Xiang Han who had already become Mr. Jiang was now standing by the door, slowly taking out a piece of tissue paper to cover the doorknob before pushing it open. This was the original host’s habit, he was unable to change so quickly.

The original host was a clean freak and had OCD. But that was nothing, the most perverted fact was that he liked young and beautiful boys. Of course, he had a bottom line, he would definitely not lay his hands on minors nor force them.

When Xiang Han transmigrated over, the original host had already changed a few boy toys. Moreover, because a certain place had been injured before, the original host was unable to use it. As a result, he enjoyed watching his young boy toys use toys to self X. This was a real pervert, even if it was for money, there were not many who would be willing.

When Xiang Han finished absorbing this memory, his face was completely green and he could not help asking System, [Little nine, can you find me a person...more normal?]

System, [It’s quite normal, he doesn’t smoke or gamble, loves cleanliness and apart from liking beautiful people, there are almost no flaws. Moreover, he is also a virgin.]

Xiang Han, [...]

[Also, he doesn’t have stomach problems.] System quickly added.

[You told me before that you didn’t want to have a relationship with the target from now on. Since the original host cannot do it, isn’t it… a win-win?] System quietly added once more.

Xiang Han: [...] Your words really make sense, I’m completely unable to refute them.

Forget it, if he’s impotent so be it. Anyway, Lu Ze was no longer here, cough! As for his boy toys, he will quickly get rid of them.

However, just when he arrived downstairs, he immediately saw a youth being suppressed by two bodyguards in the living room.

The youth was in his late teens, with a strikingly beautiful appearance. His fury at being pressed to the floor distorted his exquisite face and dyed his milky skin a bright red. His bright black eyes glittered with a burning rage that froze Xiang Han in his step

Xiang Han’s scalp grew numb. Didn’t they say the original host didn’t use force? Why did they kidnap one here?

[Mr. Xiang. That’s the target that needs to be saved, Zhou Yue Ze, sent by the Zhou family.] The system carefully reminded him.

“Oh.” So it turned out to be him, Xiang Han finally remembered.

He almost forgot that this was a transmigration novel. In the original plot, Zhou Yue Ze was indeed the winner, but this was a transmigration to overturn the plot kind of story. Simply put, the illegitimate little brother of Zhou Yue Ze was taken over by a transmigrator.

In the original novel, after Zhou Yue Qing was delivered to Jiang Han, he was frightened and had a heart attack. Before he could even see Jiang Han’s face, he lost his life. The transmigrator knew the plot and upon realising that he had crossed over into the body of an evil villain, he immediately hugged the thigh of Zhou Family’s master, playing the role of an obedient son.

He sucked up to Lu Wan and gave his own biological mother the cold shoulder. Even when his identity was exposed, the Zhou family was still extremely lenient. Although Lu Wan hated Father Zhou, she did not feel that Zhou Yue Qing had done anything wrong. As for Zhou Yue Ze, he was just unlucky.

The transmigrator was fearful of Jiang Han, afraid that he would end up like the original sooner or later. Therefore, he started strategizing from a young age to let Zhou Yue Ze be the one to offend Jiang Han instead of him and constantly found people to instigate his father, saying that Jiang Han liked young and pretty boys and that he had his eyes on his son.

The transmigrator pretended to accidentally overhear it one time and afterward, fell into depression, landing himself into the hospital after his disease acted up. Such a big scene, Lu Wan also found out about the matter. She refused to send the transmigrator over. Therefore, in order to preserve the Zhou family’s business, Father Zhou steeled his heart and gritted his teeth, announcing that he actually had an illegitimate child. Lu Wan was furious, but thinking that she did not have to send her own child over, she was relieved.

Afterward, Zhou Yue Ze was set up by his father and had the misfortune to be carted over to the Jiang Family. By the time the matter of their births was revealed, Zhou Yue Ze had already been in the Jiang Family for three to four years. No matter what Jiang Han did or did not do, in the eyes of outsiders, Zhou Yue Ze was already a fallen plaything.

Zhou Family’s Second Master heart ached and he regretted it, but he did not show anything. Because the tramigrator underwent many major operations, his body slowly started to recover and was able to take over the family business. They did not need a child that they had abandoned before and carried the possibility of hating them. As for Lu Wan, her feelings were even more complicated. She felt extremely guilty and ashamed towards Zhou Yue Ze. In the end, she went crazy and perished together with Father Zhou.

Zhou Yue Ze wanted revenge, but the transmigrator was a step ahead of him, staging a car accident to directly take his life.

After reading through the information, Xiang Han was already full of pity towards Zhou Yue Ze. No wonder he was the target that needed to be saved. This doll must have done something many terrible things in his previous life to meet such a family.

Xiang Han took a few steps forward and lowered his head to look at Zhou Yue Ze. He originally wanted his bodyguards to release this person, but after looking at the dirt and dust on the other person, there was even a footprint on the carpet, his scalp immediately grew numb. Thinking for a moment, he coldly told them, “Bring him out and clean him up.”

After he said this, he did not care about the other person’s reaction and told the housekeeper, “Change the carpet, and also, clean the entire living room. Wait no, clean the entire floor once over.”

Housekeeper Zhang quickly nodded, he was already used to it. On the other hand, Zhou Yue Ze was dumbfounded, staring at Xiang Han. His face grew red and his lips trembled in anger.

This pervert actually disdained him for being dirty? MD, was there anyone dirtier than him?

This damn homosexual pervert, who knows how many boy toys he had slept with. He actually had the face to think that he was dirty? Wrong, his anger had messed up his mind. The main point was, this person was already almost 30 years old and had so many lovers, yet he wanted to bed him, disgusting!

After Zhou Yue Ze was forcefully brought down by his bodyguards, Xiang Han was also stunned. Although the original host was a cleanliness freak, he wasn’t. Why did he have such a big reaction after seeing Zhou Yue Ze’s dirty appearance?

[Little nine, what’s going on?]

[Cough, it’s like this Mr. Xiang, because you just received the original host’s memories. So in the beginning, you will be influenced by the original host’s behaviours and will not differ too much from the character's setting.] System quickly explained.

[Are you serious?] Xiang Han’s appearance remained calm, but his heart was in turmoil. [Doesn’t that mean like the original host, I'll like young and pretty boys?]

[Cough cough, the influence will slowly reduce. Mr. Xiang don’t worry too much.]

[Then, alright.] Xiang Han sighed in relief. Pushing up his glasses out of habit, he avoided the footprint on the carpet and walked out with an indifferent expression.

Reaching his office, assistant Zhao quickly caught up and maintained a three feet distance to report today’s schedule. The employees that they met halfway also maintained a good distance when they greeted him, not daring to breathe too loudly in fear that Xiang Han would think they were polluting the air.

Reaching the lift, assistant Zhao pressed the lift for him but did not enter. The lift was for his personal use and had been thoroughly cleaned. Xiang Han habitually swept a look at his surroundings before walking in.

Having been by Lu Ze’s side for so many years, he was clear on how to act the part of an overbearing CEO. Cough, he just had to learn from Lu Ze. However, when he entered the lift, his cold expression immediately fell and he asked the system in annoyance, [Little nine, how long will this influence last? If it’s too long, it might really become a habit.]

Facial paralysis apart, there was his habit of pushing up his glasses and checking his surroundings for anything that wasn’t clean. Those who don’t know might even think he was a detective looking for clues from Detective Conan[3].

End of Chapter 19




[1]翻云覆雨: Extremely influential, he could control the clouds and call forth rain with the wave of his hand

[2] 爷: Master, which comes from the word 爷爷 which means grandpa

[3] Detective Conan: as the name implies, he is referring to a detective. It's from the popular anime (Case closed) 


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