Sickness Chapter 12

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Editor: death and Chubby Dragon ☕

1.12   Little sprite

“Zhichen, what are you looking at? Did someone catch your eye?” A smirk hung on the gorgeous-looking man’s mouth as he teased the man sitting opposite him and looked at the direction of his line of sight.

Wei Zhichen kept silent but didn't withdraw his gaze.

This rare reaction surprised his two friends to no end. Had the clean-living and chaste second master Wei really been stirred into worldly desires?

The gorgeous man’s question remained unanswered and there were a lot of people in the bar. He couldn't determine who his companion, Wei Zhichen, was looking at by simply glancing over alone.

“Big head Qi, have you found out who our second master Wei is looking at?” Unable to find the person, he could only turn to his other close friend.
The man addressed as big head Qi smiled gloomily, “If you call me big head Qi again, don’t ever come looking for me to hang out with from now on.”

Qi Sinan, the third young master of the Qi family, had been nicknamed big head Qi because his head had been especially big when he was a child. But after growing up, third master Qi blossomed into manhood, becoming increasingly handsome and conducting himself with elegance and gentleness. His reputation in the unified circle of the imperial capital was excellent and few dared to call him by that nickname.

However, there were some individual exceptions, and the gorgeous man was among them. Not only did he call Qi Sinan’s nickname incessantly, he also knew that the refined and gentle third young master Qi in the eyes of outsiders, was in fact a fiery-tempered fellow who was good at disguises. Only a few of his closest relatives and friends knew the truth.

As the youngest of the young masters in the second generation of the Mu family, Mu Ye was outstanding in appearance and well-known for his insistent personality. Additionally, his preference for men was no secret in their circle. However, though he looked prettier than a woman, he was an indisputable number one[1].

The three people's appearance in this gay bar today was related  to Mu Ye. He recently broke up with his last lover and, all of a sudden, didn't want to search in familiar circles again, so he decided to let his hair down and scope out the gay bar to see if anyone caught his fancy.

He was able to drag Qi Sinan over because he was familiar with his personality and had casually spurred him a bit into coming. As for Wei Zhichen, he didn't think he would actually be able to swindle this big Buddha over.

When they first came into the bar, most of the eyes looking at Wei Zhichen were scorching. Men with such towering build, remarkable looks and larger-than-life presence captured the bodies and minds of the zeros the easiest. Too bad Wei Zhichen was like a wooden stake; no one could get him to give more than a glance.

Even if one mustered up the courage to hit on him, they would retreat under his formidable charisma, and slowly no one dared to come up anymore and merely feasted their eyes.
Mu Ye had been looking around for a while and hasn't seen anyone to his liking, but he didn't care that much. He came here just to relax, whether he could find someone he liked was entirely up to fate.

As a result, he himself hadn’t found anyone he fancied, but Wei Zhichen had. How could he not be surprised?

However, though he felt some rancor towards Qi Sinan at that moment, he was also somewhat sheepish. This was also someone who shouldn't be offended—after all, they had the friendship of revolutionaries between them. In case he offended him, he really wouldn’t have a partner from now on. So he gave him a pleading gesture and made a zipping motion at his mouth, “Slip of the tongue, slip of the tongue, there won’t be a next time.”

His apology was quick to be made but there would still be a recurrence; this had become a habit.

Qi Sinan was well aware of this point. He didn't know how much hair he would lose if he decided to bicker on about it. He glanced away and looked thoughtfully at Wei Zhichen. Wei Zhichen concurrently looked away then as well, so the two of them didn't discover anything.

Hao Ritian, on the other hand, didn't know he’d been spotted by an acquaintance here. Presently, he was staring at Cheng Nian with shock. Just as Cheng Nian’s face got more and more pained, he responded bewilderedly, “N-…no, I wouldn’t hate you.”

He paused and added in a whisper, “It’s your freedom to like whoever you like, regardless if they’re male or female.”

His words seemed to be said for Cheng Nian but also like he was convincing himself.

Cheng Nian’s eyes immediately widened in surprise, his whole person was moved, “Thank you, Qiqi. You’re the first person to not look at me through coloured lenses after knowing my sexuality. Thank you so much.”

He was a little agitated and took several deep breaths to calm himself down. After calming down, he smiled, a tad embarrassed. “I'm sorry, I was a little too excited.”

Those peach blossom eyes misted from emotions and became gentler.
Hao Ritian’s face was slightly flushed and his eyes lingered uncontrollably on his tender ones. He stammered a little, “No…no problem.”

Cheng Nian’s eyes dropped to his flushed face and he felt a little heated. He couldn’t wait to play with this youth as soon as possible.

“It’s hard to come by a person like you who doesn’t despise me. I have so much in my heart that I want to say, could I trouble you to be my listener for a while?”

He may have said so but after that, Cheng Nian just started entering his own world and narrating.

He spoke of how he discovered his sexual orientation when he was in high school and went through a period of confusion and how he —concerned about others finding out and looking at him with disgust and contempt— had strenuously repressed his emotions and thrown himself into his studies. It was also due to this reason that he performed extraordinarily well in the college entrance exam and was admitted to H university.

When he went to college, the environment he was exposed to was different, the attitudes of the students around him and the way they viewed things were disparate, and his own mentality matured. After doing a lot of research and confirming that homosexuality was not an illness, he slowly came into terms with his sexual orientation from then on.
The key emphasis was that homosexuality was not a disease and many people would also come to comprehend and accept this fact. Following that, Cheng Nian sighed, “If I had met those with the same sexual orientation as me sooner, then maybe I wouldn’t be so hesitant.”

Looking up at Hao Ritian, Cheng Nian smiled apologetically, “I'm sorry to have made you listen to me say so much nonsense. I just wanted to tell you all of a sudden. You don’t mind, do you?”

Hao Ritian shook his head like a rattle drum, the emotions in his eyes repressed once more. But after all, he was still but a high schooler and he couldn’t cover them up perfectly. Cheng Nian was easily able to discern the gratitude, intimacy and favorable impression from his eyes. This open gaze made the fire in heart roar even higher and he thought to himself that he should find someone to vent this fire first before he had this little young master.

The thought made Cheng Nian spare no effort to brush up his goodwill and Hao Ritian cooperated, dotting the i's and crossing the t's, holding nothing back when revealing his goodwill. Both sides were inwardly very satisfied.
Just then, a waiter came up and said respectfully to Hao Ritian, “Sir, there's a gentleman over there inviting you to come over.”

Hao Ritian raised his eyebrows and looked over to the direction indicated by the waiter. His gaze locked head-on to Wei Zichen's handsome, familiar face. The man looked at him expressionlessly and raised his glass to him.

Hao Ritian, “…”

Meeting his highly regarded fuckbuddy here, did God want him to get laid tonight?

System: Shameless. Just say you want to do it, don’t push the pot to God. Just how big is your face?
“Qiqi, do you know these gentlemen?” Cheng Nian inquired tentatively, a sense of crisis rising in his heart. Honestly, that man was threatening in every way. What use would he be if Yan Qi knew a man like that?

Hao Ritian took his gaze back from Wei Zhichen and reined in his restless desires. He shot Cheng Nian an awkward smile, “I know him but we’re not familiar. He’s Wei Lin’s second uncle.”

Cheng Nian’s head spun like a shot. Wasn’t Wei Lin’s second uncle second master Wei?

He heard about it at the dinner table last night. So Yan Qi truly knew second master Wei?

Nevertheless, Cheng Nian soon recalled that the subject of his words was Wei Lin, which showed that the one Yan Qi was familiar with was the little young master of Wei family, and second master Wei was only someone he knew by association. But even so, Cheng Nian was very envious. If it were him, he would certainly take this opportunity to expand his contacts. What could a high schooler do?
But he had self-knowledge and knew second master Wei wouldn't appreciate him even if he were to approach him. Besides, he was sure that Yan Qi already felt close to him, so he considerately said at that moment, “In that case, go see what Mr. Wei wants. I’ll wait for you and we’ll go home together.”

Hao Ritian hurriedly refused, his tone laced with urgency, “No, you head back first. I’ll go back later on my own.”

He wouldn't go back tonight. If Cheng Nian didn’t go, how would his great undertaking of getting laid proceed?

Cheng Nian thought about it and decided that he better not insist too much right now. He should be tactful when performing, “Alright. If you need anything, call me anytime.”

Hao Ritian answered, then got up and strode over to Wei Zhichen.
Before he reached the place, two burning gazes locked onto him, seemingly wanting to strip him naked to get a good look at him. Hao Ritian looked over in interest and presumed them to be Wei Zhichen’s friends. He quirked his lips and smiled back at them.

Mu Ye nearly covered his chest. He clearly wasn’t a particularly remarkable-looking youth, so how come his smile seemed so incredibly charming?

Most importantly, he could actually get Wei Zhichen to give him special treatment. This alone was enough to make Mu Ye and Qi Sinan very curious about him.

Hao Ritian didn't act reserved when he came, and sat directly beside Wei Zhichen. His eyes wandered around the man’s face and landed on those thin lips of his that he thought were very sexy. His lips pressed together and said huskily, “Long time no see.”

When they didn’t meet, he hadn’t felt anything, but when they met, he felt like he’d missed him.
He slid his gaze down and drank him in. He licked the corners of his mouth. Hmm, he really wanted to pull him straight to bed.

Wei Zhichen’s pitch-black eyes stared at him. It took him a long time before he responded, “Mn.”

Qi Sinan was alright but Mu Ye was dumbstruck.

Using his experience from loitering in the underbrush, what he could decipher from the simple look in Hao Ritian’s eyes was very straightforward. He swore on his own jj that the youth was seducing Wei Zhichen just then. And most surprisingly, Wei Zhichen seemed to have been actually seduced.

Where did this little sprite come from? How could he be so charming?!



[1] Number one can mean gong (the top) and zero can mean shou (the bottom).