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  1. Thanks for translating these novels! I'm always eagerly waiting for the next update and get a huge smile as soon as i start reading it!

  2. Thank you for all your time and effort into translating xD Without people like you I'd never be able to read such great stories~

  3. Why can't I see the rest of the chapter's on here for Target?

  4. Reporting for duty!!! I see the promised new series +_+ Thanks for your awesome translations!!

  5. I am so grateful for your translations. I literally owe you my youth!

  6. QwQ just so glad I discovered your translations on watty last year. ayy, it's been a habit of mine in the past year to check out your account for new chapter updates, it kinda save my soul TBH to read all you team's works. ❤💕

    1. aww, you'll be glad to hear, that there'll be even more novels OwO