TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 69.1

Chapter 69.1
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He lowered his gaze onto the youth who was lying on the sofa. He had just woken up. The youth still had a faint redness around the edges of his eyes that hadn’t cleared, there was even a hint of clear liquid hanging from the corners of his eyes.

As the cause of the above situation, Asa’s body stooped down to give the youth’s eyes a kiss, conveniently also taking the chance to give his neck a few pecks, “Dinner is ready.”

His voice was low, the deep voice pleasant to the ears and conveyed his obedience. The owner of this voice was presently directing his droopy eyes at the youth on the sofa.

Dinner… Being reminded, Gu Yan couldn’t help looking at the time.

21st September, 18:43.

Gu Yan: ...

Today was already the evening of the second day. Yesterday, they had been trying to clear the dungeon till slightly over 11pm before they had finally managed to defeat the BOSS. Afterwards, he reunited with the black-robed Death God, who had recreated his body. Then, he was brought into the inner city of the Netherworld where was brought to the altar. After that was...

The corners of his eyes started twitching. Gu Yan did not respond to the person who was currently kissing his neck. Even though the other’s soft, black hair was tickling him, and he was indeed a little hungry, Gu Yan still did not make any sound in response.

When trapped in a secret and dark space, one would gradually lose track of the flow of time. Only now, when he saw the clock in the living room, did Gu Yan realise how long he had been with his family’s lover in that little black box, doing things that lowered his morals.

Not responding, however, did not mean he was angry. It was just that, as a human, Gu Yan’s innate sense of shame made him want to run away from reality.

“Meow.” In that moment, the horned kitten mewled when it grasped the right opportunity and nestled into the youth’s bosom. Waiting for the youth to shift his gaze towards itself, it then chose that moment to nudge closer and licked the youth’s chin.

Its dark purple pupils were extremely round. This kitten licked while making low, purring sounds at the back of its throat.

While the light brain didn’t have a sense of shamelessness, it knew that humans did. During these kind of situations, the best method was to first redirect the attention of the youth in front of him, something that was easy to do for the light brain.

It continued to lick for a while until its back was caressed by a warm palm. Then, the little round ball of fur purred and flopped it's body over, so that it was hugging the youth's elegant hand, before continuing to lick again.

There was basically no difference between its behaviour right now, and the drunk and clingy form from within the game.

Having his attention redirected with this method, a certain sense of shame was pushed down just like this. Gu Yan carried the kitten that was licking his fingertips and sat up.

Even though he knew that this was the usual tactic his family’s lover liked to use, unfortunately for Gu Yan, he was a sucker for these kinds of distractions.

Gu Yan despaired, as he pondered while moving over to the dining table. The horned kitten was lying prone on his thigh, purring. He accepted the crockery handed over by the handsome and suave man in front of him.

His moral integrity had already been compromised and couldn’t be picked back up again, but that shouldn’t be reason for him to neglect his stomach.

“I’ve just updated the database with more recipes. Whatever Ah Yan wants to eat, you can just tell me.” He could deduce from his observations that the youth’s appetite was better, and after recording some data, Asa chose an opportune time to pile some side dishes into his bowl.

Within its database, there was an age old adage, ‘The way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach’. Even though it was an ancient expression from the 21st century, who cared as long as it worked?

While robots did not need to consume food, they still had the anatomy that simulated the digestive system. It was purely for the sake of increasing the realism portrayed by these companion robots.

However, to share a meal with his lover was a daily activity used to foster feelings between them. He placed no importance and had no opinion towards the taste of the food. Even if it did acquire taste buds, Asa would not develop any opinions towards the delectability of food.

The robot’s digestive system would first decompose the food, before transforming it into a unified type of energy for use of operations. However, the robots manufactured by large corporations did not really need this small bit of energy, since there was an energy source within their bodies that was sufficient to last them till the day they were scrapped.

As a 24 year old freelance author with a cat, Gu Yan had naturally learned how to cook. Unfortunately, his level was only at the bare minimum, neither outstanding nor particularly terrible. When compared to the table full of aesthetically pleasing dishes that could cause one to salivate, it was truly not worth mentioning

“En.” Without any consideration, he just nodded his head. Our Lord Gu was thus, easily defeated.


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