TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 71.1

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Apart from thieves who could sneak in, all other non-elf players wishing to enter the Capital would have no choice but to first increase their reputation and then proceed.

So, how to increase favorability when these high-level elves don't even care about you... Oh no, it should be ‘reputation’, not ‘favorability’. It was a very good question.

There were absolutely no clues to suggest how players could increase their reputation amongst the Elf race, and many players hit an insurmountable wall when trying.

Flattery and praises did not work. Gifts were also a no-go. Some players, who painstakingly went to great lengths to obtain fruits from the ‘Tree of Life’ and tried to offer the treasure were also rejected.

In front of these high elves, such treasures were deemed worthless and not valuable enough for them to soften up to the players.

It took almost a month of groping around, before a fearless group of pioneers finally found a way to increase their reputation among the elves.

In the Eternal Night Forest, apart from the cold and aloof high elves who guarded the Well of Life, there was also the demon tribe who had been fighting with the elves for countless years in the southwestern part of the forest.

The Demon Tribe occupied the shadow canyon in the southwestern part of the forest. The place was relatively easy to defend but difficult to attack. Demons frequently attacked and harassed the elves.
Although, they hadn’t been in any direct confrontation, both sides had been entangled in this conflict for hundreds of years.

“The Elf King can actually endure to this extent?" As he spoke, Silver Raven cut down another demon and simultaneously rescued a trapped elf, thinking that it was quite incredible.

Although the Shadow Canyon was easy to defend and difficult to attack, there were several demon lords in town. At the very least, the Elf King was an existence at the boss level. He could easily exterminate the demons in the Shadow Canyon with a wave of his hand.......

"Maybe it’s the game’s plot.” Otherwise, players would not be able to increase their reputation with the Elf race. Gu Yan had not written much about this in detail, and thus did not know the exact reason for such a setting.

As he said this, Gu Yan turned his head to the side and looked at the little cat sitting on his left shoulder. He wanted to check Qiuqiu’s thoughts on the matter. After all, all the settings in the game were controlled by him.

In the end, he did not get to see its reaction, but it was too late to stop the other person’s lips from brushing across him instead. Gu Yan was stunned, thinking that it was better to drop the matter.

En... just treat it as a setting in the game.

No matter what, they had saved her life. The female elf who had been rescued from the trap nodded to the two humans in front of her, before leaving. Following that was the refreshing sound of their reputation rising.

It was not difficult to increase a player’s reputation from ‘neutral’ to ‘friendly’. Grinding for nearly one morning was enough. In addition, there were also many players passing by who wanted to join their party to do the quest to increase their reputation. This accelerated their progress a lot.

Because they had different tasks, after obtaining a ‘friendly’ status that allowed them to enter the Capital, the two separated, each heading towards their own objective.

Soft moonlight shrouded the main city like a piece of white gauze. Compared to the majestic buildings in the human world, the Capital where the higher elves resided had an ancient and quiet atmosphere.

Huge, ancient trees were scattered around in various locations of the Capital. Many of the elves' houses were built on these ancient trees, with tangled branches that formed passageways.

The task that Gu Yan obtained from the eyes of Vientiane was to look for a High Elf aristocrat called Finna Scully. Since no location was specified, the first thing Gu Yan did after entering the Capital was to find an elf guard to ask for directions.

"The Countess Finna is in the Xicheng District. You can find it by seeing where the silver moon emblem flag flies." His ‘friendly’ status made these Elf guards more willing to answer the questions of the human youth in front of them instead of directly evicting him.

Generally speaking, this was only limited to answering questions. However, for some reason, these high elves involuntarily treated the youth better than others. Their cold faces were slightly warmer, and he even threw out a reminder, "However, the Earl will not necessarily want to see you. I hope you are psychologically prepared to be rejected."

"Okay, thank you," nodding his head, Gu Yan smiled at the Elf Guard who had warned him. It seems that the High Elves are not that unfriendly?

As author that set the elves’ cold and arrogant personalities, who would have thought that one day, he would have to personally deal with these high elves...

For the first time, he managed to avoid a pit he himself had dug. Gu Yan suddenly thought he was very lucky.

The little cat on the magician's left shoulder was slightly squinting its eyes at this moment. The small black cloak and hood on it made it look more like a round ball from a distance. Before it teleported to the Elves’ territory, it had concealed the abyss mark on the youth’s neck and also... attached an imprint of the Breath of Life to him.

The Tree of Life is the sacred tree of the elves. Since the elves were born from the Tree of Life, one can imagine the influence it had on them.

Since the world was created by the highest existence, it was natural that its lover was favored by the world.

"Qiuqiu, be careful not to fall." Walking through a passageway formed by the huge branches, Gu Yan subconsciously held the little cat on his shoulder closer.

Although he knew that the other person's cat form was just a disguise, Gu Yan still did it in reflex.

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