Could you not tease me Chapter 2

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations
Editor: Sammy
Chapter 2 - You don’t need an L

The reporter's facial features were outstanding and her thick brown waves set off a rich, Latin American air about her. There was also her amazing figure and the unconcealed ‘interest’ in her gaze that was directed towards Winston. It not only attracted the attention of other media reporters at the scene, buts also Hunter’s.

“Ah, ah… If only I could be interviewed by such a pretty lady, it’d truly be worth becoming a racer.” Hunter hugged the back of his head and sighed.

“I’m not anyone’s obstacle. I’ve already taken part in three matches.”

Winston’s words were very simple, causing all of the reporters to suddenly fall silent.

“Do you mean to say that you can also obtain the championship, is that right?”


It didn’t matter whether it was his expression or his voice.

No one could come to hate it, instead it only garnered respect .

“I’m not watching anymore…”

Hunter hadn’t managed to sleep on the plane, so he decided to rest properly now...

He’d just gone under his covers when he overheard the couple next door begin to do their thing. The lamp on the wall shook and fell directly onto his face.

“F*ck!” Hunter quickly picked up the lamp and rushed next door. He used all his strength to pound on their door before furiously pressing the doorbell.  
However, he continued to hear the sound of heavy breathing as well as a woman’s moans coming from within the apartment. Hunter simply wanted to explode. 

“You guys are going at it day and night! Please tell me, when on earth do you ever stop?! I want to sleep!”

Hunter’s roar reverberated throughout the corridor and he was certain that the floor above and below his could hear his shouts as well.  

However, the couple on the other side of the door had already entered a state of ignorance towards the outside world. Hunter stood outside their door and pressed on the doorbell for close to twenty minutes before stopping.

When the door finally opened, there was a beautiful brown-haired woman looking extremely lazy and satisfied. She was wrapped in only a thin layer of lingerie , enunciating her curves profoundly which caused Hunter’s ears to turn red.

The other person spoke with laughter, “Let us know the next time you’re home.”  

“That’s more like it!” Hunter thought that because they were feeling guilty, they decided not to bother him anymore.

“We’ll invite you to press our door bell, and pay you five bucks for every ten minutes. Little rascal, did you know the more you pressed the bell, the more excited we were?”

Hunter widened his eyes with an expression of disbelief.

What the hell was this?

The brown-haired woman laughed softly and fluttered her lashes seductively at him. “Your face is pretty cute, I just don’t know if you’re done developing down there yet.”

Hunter was somewhat angry.

No, he was extremely angry.

This was the second time this week that his little brother had been doubted like this. The last time had been in the restroom during the championship in Spain. McGrady had, in a fit of anger, asked if his hair had even grown.


Hunter abruptly began to smash the doorbell with renewed vigour.

This time, it was a man who answered the door.

This person’s muscle and abdomen seemed to be comparable to a bodybuilder’s. He glared furiously at Hunter, “What do you want?”

However, Hunter nonchalantly thrusted out a palm towards him and spoke, “Your woman said she’d give me five dollars for every ten minutes I pressed the doorbell. Including those few seconds earlier, it’s just about 20 minutes. Pay me ten dollars.”

Mr. Bodybuilder froze.  

The woman behind him laughed and took out a wallet, putting ten dollars into Hunter’s hands.

“You’re so cute.”

“It’s none of your business whether I’m cute or not.”

Stuffing the money into his pockets, Hunter decided to head towards the supermarket opposite his flat to buy some yogurt to comfort himself with.  

This was a large, public supermarket and many parents were often seen pushing their children around in shopping carts through aisles and rows of goods.

Every time Hunter witnessed such a scene, he’d feel rather envious. Not only because his parents were no longer alive, but because even when they were around, no matter what he desired, it’d never be thrown into the shopping cart.

While picking up two cartons of yogurt, Hunter suddenly craved some biscuits.

He arrived at the aisle stocked with cookies and saw his favourite brown sugar biscuits from Switzerland. Taking out a box, he suddenly noticed the side profile of a man from between the space that he’d just created.

It was only a small gap, but as if the Gods intentionally wanted to mess around with Hunter’s world, the other person’s forehead and nose bridge seemed to be radiating pleasant vibes to the eyes. As for the stranger’s lowered eyes, they seemed to carry infinite warmth.

This was a man. But from Hunter’s perspective, his beauty was one which transcended gender.

Hunter felt that this person’s appearance was pleasing to his eyes so they lingered for a second more. Anyway, it was free and the other wouldn’t lose anything from him staring.

However, when the other man’s line of sight fell onto him through the small gap, Hunter stopped breathing.  

The man he was gazing at through the narrow space wasn’t anyone else. It was Vann Winston!

That nonchalant gaze that swept over him seemed to penetrate into his soul, causing Hunter’s brain to short-circuit and crash.  

It was clearly an emotionless gaze, yet Hunter inadvertently felt as if he’d been burnt and unconsciously took a step back.

He unexpectedly recalled the scene from the toilet back in Spain during the championships. Winston had helped him to pull up his zipper— that was a stain that he’d never be able to wash off in this life!

He always believed that although they were both professional racers, the difference between Winston and himself was too great. Because of this, there wouldn’t be any chance for them to meet and interact. However, he never thought that they’d actually meet in such a way at a supermarket!

Hunter timidly tried to pull his gaze away but couldn’t break free from the feeling of having been captured.  

It was probably because Winston didn’t enjoy being stared at and so, he got angry?

Hunter breathed out. Picking up his basket, he walked towards another aisle.

He had an extremely useful ability which was that whenever he found himself in an awkward or embarrassing situation, he’d be able to pretend nothing was wrong. 

Therefore, he’s never met Vann Winston in the toilet nor has he met him in a supermarket. Anyway, it wasn’t as if Winston would remember him.

Hunter’s heart was soothed as he took his basket and went to pay.  

It was the weekend and so, many people came to the supermarket. Hunter took out his phone and began to play.

As he played, he also observed the queue in front of him and used his feet to push his basket along.

Ten minutes later, it was finally his turn to pay.

Swiping his credit card, the cashier informed him that he maxed out his card.

That meant that...he’d swiped away all of his money.

Hunter scratched his head and finally remembered the sound system he’d bought for his buddies in his dance troupe last weekend and before that, he’d just paid his rent. Afterwards, there was the competition...he seemed to have forgotten to pay his bills.

“Then, apart from the yogurt, I don’t want the rest.” Hunter fished out the ten dollars he had earned from pressing on the doorbell from his pocket.

At this time, he heard a voice sounding as cold as metal echoing in an empty room from behind.

“Other then that box of underwear, I’ll pay for the rest.”

Hunter’s shoulders stiffened. When he turned around, he abruptly found that Winston was actually standing behind him!  

It was still the same, undulating expression as ever, as he reached out to pat Hunter’s shoulders and pass his credit card over to the cashier. While doing so, his chest lightly pressed against Hunter’s back.

This feeling...was as if he was being hugged from behind.

What was this situation?

When did Winston appear behind him?

Wait a minute, they were queuing up...was that to say that not long after he joined the line, Winston had also come to pay?

There were so many cashiers, why did he have to choose the one he was in?

Under normal circumstances, Hunter knew that he should say a word of thanks before expressing that he’d return this money in the future. However, by the time he found his voice, the words that came out of his mouth instead were, “Why did you exclude the box of underwear?”  

The people around them looked over and even the female cashier’s face reddened.

But Hunter didn’t regret asking what he did.

If he didn’t get an answer now, he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it when he got home.

“Because it’s unsuitable,” Winston’s voice was calm.  

“Ah? Why is it unsuitable?”

“You wear a size M, not L,” Winston replied. His voice was full of confidence as he came to this verdict, making others unconsciously believe him.

Reading the other person’s expression which seemed to say ‘as it should be’, Hunter’s heart felt like he’d just been crushed by a weight.

What did he mean by, “Not an L?” Was this to say he was noticeably small?

Motherf*cking! This was now the third time this week that his little brother had been gossiped about!  

Hunter just wanted to say, “I don’t need you to help me pay” when Winston spoke up once more.

“Those made of this material lose their elasticity very quickly.”


In that moment, he attained a feeling of redemption.

Turns out, Winston wasn’t commenting that his little brother was too small, rather he meant that the material of this underwear wasn’t of good quality.  

“Thanks, I’ll pay you back next time.”

Hunter picked up his bag of items and waved to him before leaving.

Otherwise, don’t tell him he should continue staying there and wait for Winston to foot his bill while they discussed  about the material of underwear further in depth?  

Swinging his grocery bag as he walked home, Hunter looked up and sighed.

In the end, he didn’t manage to buy any underwear...what should he wear tonight? The rest haven’t been washed...  

And that whatever charity dinner this weekend was rather vexing.  

Where was his suit?

Hunter returned home and rummaged through his closet before he finally found a set of formal wear. Trying it on, Hunter was very satisfied with how low-key he looked.

Wait a minute, the charity dinner is being hosted by Ferrari...Winston would definitely be present. Should he return him his money then? much was it?

He couldn’t remember, forget it.

With Vann Winston’s annual income of over a million euros, he wouldn’t mind helping him pay for some groceries.

It was the weekend, Hunter drove his little jeep and stopped in front of the expensive hotel venue for the dinner.

Many people could be seen in evening wear, accompanied by expensive cars that were as bright as stars. These celebrities handed the keys over to valet and elegantly entered the hotel.


The author has something to say:

During their free time,

Hunter: After the championship in Spain, why did you appear in the bathroom?

Winston: Because in the last life, you said you were beaten up into a pig’s head in the stall by your teammate.

Hunter: F*ck! Then you should've called me over! After I left the toilet, I was beaten up until I resembled a panda.

Winston: Because in the last life, when you said you were very pitiful, I didn’t know what you had done to him.

Hunter: What the hell do you mean?

Winston: You need to pay for your sins.


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