Target Arc 3 Character List

Character List


(Contains spoiler so beware)

So, it seem that many of you guys got confused/forgot character names because of the many titles each of them have. It's not even the worse in terms of the number of names (but I get it, historical fiction tend to be like that)

So, in case you guys forget at any point in time during this arc. I will update it according to which part of the story we're at.

Character names:

MC(Xiang Han): Song Han (Little Emperor)

Target: Zhao Ze (minister Zhao)

Main protagonist shou: Luo Bai

MC’s brother: Song Yu (Prince Liang) - protagonist gong in the original novel

One of the three great ministers: Teacher Zhao aka Zhao Bing Zhang (Zhao Ze’s dad) and XH’s teacher

Queen Mother Hui: Song Han's mother

Wang Jun: the person who tried to assasinate Xiang Han when he snuck out