TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 64.1

Translator: Vivi from Dummytranslations
Editor: Dragon_Reader
Chapter 64.1
If Gy and QQ had a child, would it be a human or cat

The eye-catching, dark purple color bar was first on the damage list. And, it was too unbelievable. The moment Zhi Yi glanced over, he almost doubted what he saw.
However, the name of the magician was clearly written on the horizontal bar with the dark purple background: Sen Luo – 46k damage. Looking at this data, the team commander who was used to facing extremely tense, violent environment, could not resist the slight pull at the corner of his lips. His heart was currently more agitated than it would have been if a person were to tell him that he had just won the lottery.
Who said that the magician is nothing apart from their crowd control skill, and only existed to drag down the elite team’s DPS output??
Under such blinding figures, the squad leader continued to spit commands and was ready to adapt to any changes that may occur at any time. At the same time, part of his attention went to observe the magician who was moving about energetically on the battlefield.
The more he observed, the more incredible he felt. The magician sitting on the broom seemed to know exactly what will happen in the next second and was always a step ahead. His movements were precisely controlled to the extent that it enabled him to accurately avoid the attack, without even an extra half step.
Therefore, the people around the magician could constantly see a thrilling battle. Except, it was merely shocking because there was not any danger.
For example, when the icicle from the top of the temple fell, it would simply brush past the magician’s robe before piercing the ground. When the flame garland activated, the maximum range of the blast just happened to stop right next to the magician’s boots.
The person who was experiencing this situation was not only unscathed, he even had spare time to help his teammates.
Just like two teammates who had been inflicted with the ‘Twisting Shackles’ skill. This skill was also known as the ‘connection’. The two people afflicted with the skill needed to be within 5 yards of each other to dispel the curse. If they had still not closed the distance by the fourth second, they would die without a doubt.
This strict time limit undoubtedly required the two people who were ‘connected’ to have quick reaction and move towards each other immediately. However, in reality, the battlefield is relatively large and it was necessary to avoid various attacks. This time, the two people who were ‘connected’ by the BOSS were quite unlucky, as they were extremely far away. Despite both using their movement skills, they could not run to each other.
Originally, one of the thieves was already prepared to lie down and become a corpse. However, at this time, his body suddenly floated up uncontrollably, and in the next second, he was thrown in the direction of the other person by a huge wind.
“Fuck–” The thief landed on the ground very inelegantly. The thief who had always been described as flexible and agile was stunned. Of course, his experience allowed him to quickly recover his image.
Gu Yan who was holding the magic book in his left hand, blinked his eyes. He was merely trying to combine the anti-gravity magic with the wind element. In fact, he had no absolute confidence of saving that person…
However, being able to save him was the best outcome.
Can the magician’s skills be used like this? The people who noticed this scene had a strange feeling bubbling in their hearts. However, the battle was intense, no matter how surprised they were, they had to temporarily suppress this emotion till the end of the battle.
After finishing off the icicles on the field, Gu Yan took a step to his left to avoid the black water on the ground. He continued reciting a ‘magic star bomb’ spell towards the BOSS.
Once the magician created an optimal fighting environment for themselves, the damage they could deal was enormous.
His family’s Qiuqiu was not controlling that body now, so he did not feel like it was… domestic abuse.
But it still felt a bit strange and awkward. After all, his lover had once used the identity of this Death God.
At this moment, the little cat who was quietly crouching at the entrance of the palace, stared at the magician sitting on the broom, its throat was faintly producing a purring sound.
As the light brain that dominated the entire game world, it knew that the boss was about to enter the second phase. The ground in the hall would collapse and fall, and the people in the field would also fall into another area. There would be a platform – neither big nor small, and the outside was merely the void.
If he continued staying here, he would not be able to see that person anymore.
Thinking of this, the small and round kitten’s ears trembled. An abysmal darkness flashed through its eyes.
“Prepare for phase 2.” Watching as the BOSS’s health was about to hit 70%, Zhi Yi gravely warned.
The first phase was familiar to them, and moreover, the team’s configuration this time can be described as a luxury lineup. It was relatively easy to get through this stage. But the second phase was different. Even the members of the Silver Crusaders had only experienced a few seconds at this stage before they were gloriously destroyed by the BOSS.
As soon as the command fell, the health bar displayed on the top of the Death God fell to 70%. This sickle-wielding, handsome man wearing a large black cloak with a gray complexion, stopped his assault on the knight in front of him.
He turned into a virtual image in a flash. When he reappeared once more, his physical body emerged from the reincarnation pool. After that, the God who symbolized Death, lifted his hand and merged his power with the reincarnation pool.
Crack – Craack –
The seemingly sturdy dark-stone floor of the hall suddenly cracked. Following the sound, every single, standing player who was in the temple felt a tremor. With a loud ‘Boom’, the ground in the central part of the temple collapsed and fell.
“Why is it that when fighting a BOSS, we still have to bungee, ah ah ah ah—” A scream that could not be considered long followed him all the way down.
Although the team commander had informed them about the collapse of the ground in advance, there was obviously a difference between knowing and experiencing it personally. Like this warrior wearing a suit of armor, wielding a holy shield and a longsword in his hand. Earlier when he was lifting the BOSS, he seemed extremely strong and reliable. But now, the black-haired knight was screaming ‘Ao Ao’ very excitedly.
Of course, the point of switching the battlefield was not to let the player fall to their deaths. Just before they reached the ground, an invisible airflow would keep them steady.
“Ah, fortunately, I am not afraid of heights.” As he said this sentence, the Paladin already stood at the edge of the platform. He was throwing taunting skills at the Death God who seemed to have become even scarier and colder than before.
He was talking as though he had not been the one screaming earlier. Several players who were more familiar with the black-haired knight could not help but twitch their mouth. To save the other person some face, they did not say this in the end.
Falling from a height, although there was the stabilising airflow, most people had very awkward postures after they landed. Of course, there was a person who is an exception…
A pure looking magician was holding a magic book that emitted a faint light through the lines. He was currently sitting on his magic broom, smoothly and steadily. His relaxed gait was really enviable and hateful.
Wasn’t it just a flying broom? they–
…they really don’t have one.