TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 63.1

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Chapter 63.1

 The dungeoning team decided to use the Silver Cross Crusader’s battle plan. As per the plan, they did not have to start from the beginning and could directly travel to the Final boss by a portal from three different points after entering the dungeon.
But because of the time lapse, the surrounding mobs had already respawned and needed to be cleared again.
“It’s okay, it’s really okay… I’ve already gotten used to it already after seeing it so many times.” The player dressed in a priest’s robe waved a hand towards the person who had asked her if she was okay and smiled.
Undeads, lichs, ghouls, zombies… all kinds of undead creatures were scattered in this dark and secluded land, and when they saw any living being, they would swarm towards the living as if having smelt food.
Given that the appearance of these monsters adhered to the original, it was quite frightening for some players with lower psychological tolerance.
It almost had the feeling of being immersed in a horror movie.
Like the priest, Orange Fu, who had just spoken, the first time she entered the Netherworld dungeon, she was basically frightened pale. She nearly could not hold onto her own staff, no need to mention casting spells.
However, as one of the elites of the guild, the rapid adaptation of mental state was a must-have skill. Now, whenever she faced these monsters, her back would only stiffen slightly, and the healing spells will continue to be cast.
Apart from the allocation of the boss’s drops, the loots from mobs were taken in turn.
At this time, a furry creature sporting two horns on its head ran to the side of the body of a lich who had the word ‘Sen Luo’ above its head and quickly picked up the drops.
“Meow.” Running back to the magician amidst the team, the little cat looked up and mewed at the youth. Its voice was not clear, probably because it wanted to prevent the thing in its mouth from falling out.
At this time, the surrounding mobs had just been settled. The people who had been watching the magician hold the little cat in his arms and noticed the cat much earlier on were now looking at the magician with envy.
A pet that will help its owner pick up dropped items, they also wanted one. But they heard that it was obtained from a wild treasure chest. Just thinking about it, everyone knew how difficult it was to get.
“It is very afraid of strangers.” Looking down at the little cat that had buried its face in his arms, Gu Yan silently refused the teammates who wanted to touch it. He had a feeling that this scene was rather familiar.
As if affirming the magician’s statement, this small and round kitten arched its body towards the magician, turning its back to the others.
Pets all had their own personalities. The teammates looked at the magician’s arms with regret again, but no longer insisted.
Once the mobs were cleared, the rest time was short. They casted all sorts of buffs before the team officially passed through the icy palace gate and stepped into the deathly silent palace hall.
The great hall was so quiet that the living people who were there could hear their own breathing, and even their heartbeats.
There was no throne, only a reincarnation pool that emitted a faint gloom in front of a huge statue.
At the side, a figure cloaked in black stood there with dark black eyes, dark black hair, even the weapon in its hand that it used to reap life was also this cold colour.
It seemed to have integrated with the darkness.
Although the black-clothed man’s skin colour was grey and without any sign of life, it did not distract people from his appearance. Just from his face, his physical appearance was extremely handsome and impeccable.
Especially when compared with the undead creatures outside the hall, the black-robed man in this hall had a godly beauty.
It was indeed a God…
The Death God.
All the members of the three guilds present had died at least six to seven hundred times under the hands of the handsome black-robed man in front of them. This was the overall average. For dungeoning teams that were particularly hard-working, such as the Silver Cross Crusaders, the members of the elite group had been killed thousands of times by the black figure in front of them.
Ever since the equipments of the tanks in the team were upgraded, they had been grinding this dungeon nearly a dozen hours every day. It had been more than a month since it happened and today was the first time they managed to clear phase 1.
In the words of the people in their team: they can walk through this dungeon with their eyes closed. The bosses before the Death God, they can defeat every one with their eyes closed.
“If I have to grind this dungeon for another month, I’m really going to puke.” Orange Fu raised her hand and rubbed her eyes. As one of the few female players on the team, she had looked with admiration the first time when she saw the Death God. The design of this BOSS was too much, if she was a DPS dealer, she would not have been able to bring herself to do it.
But now……
Being destroyed for over a month and only being able to clear the first phase of the dungeon left a psychological shadow on the players. No matter how handsome the BOSS was, it was no use.
“But if we can defeat it, the sense of accomplishment would be amazing.” The female thief toying with a dagger next to her was from the dwarf race. A pocket-sized figure coupled with her pretty little round face made her look extremely cute and harmless.
That is, if you ignore the name that hung on the first place of the current damage ranking list[1].
Orange Fu nodded, but still frowned: “The seven-minute before turning berserk mechanism is simply illogical. Earlier when we cleared the first phase, I happily thought we would be able to advance further today.”
“Qiuqiu…” Gu Yan stood in a place not far from the two, and the other party also did not lower their volume. He could hear it even if he didn’t try. When he heard the BOSS’s berserk mode after seven minutes mechanism, he called out to the round ball on his shoulder.
In fact, he had thought about this problem before. According to his memory, the BOSS should only turn berserk after ten minutes. This was the setting he fixed when he wrote the novel.
In the original plot, the first kill should have been obtained by the Silver Cross Crusaders, but looking at the current situation, the plot is probably about to change. It would now be taken by their joint dungeoning party.
The only thing that can change the game mechanics was the light brain. Gu Yan can’t help but glance suspiciously at the little cat on his shoulder.

[1] In the dungeon, there will sometimes be a list that ranks the members of the party according to the damage dealt (in that dungeon)