TPWSTKMFFMI Chapter 59.1

Translator: FH
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Chapter 59
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Pulling away from the virtual reality of the game world and coming out from the game capsule, Gu Yan’s eyes twitched fiercely. Unsurprisingly, he realized that he needed to change his lower body’s clothing.
Reaching the level of climax in his consciousness, it was obviously reflected similarly on his physical body…

The numbing pleasure brought about by mere body contact that was capable of causing his knees to feel weak was definitely not something that would happen under normal circumstances. The virtual world was controlled by the light brain, so Gu Yan could guess that his lover had probably done something to him.

‘00…’ His moral integrity had dropped to the point where he probably could not pick it up anymore. Gu Yan instantly called for his system in his consciousness. He wanted to know whether there was any shred of his reputation as an upright writer left.
037 fulfilled his duty as usual and answered [Yes, host?]
Gu Yan: …
When he found out that there was not a moment that 037 had filtered out, unless it was in a state of hibernation, Gu Yan thought that his image as an upright writer had long been destroyed in his system’s eyes especially after experiencing various shameless situations in the past three worlds.
[System does not have the concept of ‘morals’.] Reading its host’s inner thoughts, 037 had considered for a moment before he spoke these words of comfort.
Yes, comfort. Without a concept of ‘morals’, it would not feel that what its host had done was lacking in morals or whatnot. But this image of an honest and upright writer indeed did not exist. Regarding this point, 037 decided to not mention it.
Silently, Gu Yan changed into clean clothes and waited for the express delivery to ring his doorbell.
“00, comparing Asa’s ability with yours, how much of a difference is there?” Gu Yan had been curious about this point ever since he had arrived in this world. Between an all-knowing and omnipotent light brain and a system from a high leveled dimension, there should be some points of similarity in certain aspects between the two.
[It’s hard to compare.] 037’s undulating voice rang again after almost 10 seconds.
[If we’re comparing merely based on the creation of the virtual world, we are naturally inferior.] 037 calmly admitted this fact. However, the system had the ability to pass through time and travel across dimensions. This was something that the light brain was not able to accomplish.
It was technically not impossible for the system to create a virtual world, but it would not be as perfect as the one made by the light brain.
Gu Yan came to the conclusion that his family’s Qiu Qiu was awesome. Just praising one side was not enough, so Gu Yan also praised his system in his heart.
037: […]
Ah, it was embarrassed. Realizing that his system had become silent, Gu Yan could now easily read the other’s reactions.
The doorbell rang and the digital screen beside the lock showed the identification message from the visitor. This was done by swiping their occupational identity card over the sensor outside the door.
Walking into the living room, Gu Yan glanced towards the surveillance camera. He reckoned that his family’s lover was probably staring at him again.
Things were as he had guessed. In the space filled with countless numbers of screens, they all showed the figure of the back of a black-haired youth walking towards the door.
The youth had seemingly changed a pair of pants. As the main offender, Asa naturally knew the reason why, but he would still continue doing the same things to the youth in the game world afterwards.
What made this highest existence unhappy was that there were only two surveillance cameras in the living room. He could not watch his favorite person from 360 degrees with no blind spots like how he did in the game.
“Nice to meet you sir, the two products that you have purchased has been delivered. Please sign here to acknowledge that you have received it.” Seeing the door open, the young deliveryman carried out two perfectly sealed machine boxes from his floating vehicle.
Gu Yan signed on the card that was handed to him before he opened the door further to let the delivery man carry the boxes into the living room.
The machine boxes let out a ‘ka’ sound after a magnetic card swept over it. Just when Gu Yan was about to return the signed card, a shadow flashed in front of him.
What was it that jumped at him, he had figured it out. Gu Yan’s reactions were swift as he opened his arms to catch it.
“Meow.” Accurately jumping into the youth’s embrace, with two little horns on its head, the kitten rubbed its head against the youth’s body. As it rubbed, a low rumbling came from its throat.
The dark purple color of the kitten’s pupils was beautiful. Gu Yan met its gaze for a second, and after confirming that this body was truly being controlled by his lover, only then did he follow along and reach out to pet the back of this small ball.
If it was not, he must not randomly touch, especially since he was still under the eyes of his family’s Qiu Qiu. If he were to get jealous later, then he would definitely not be able to stand the exertion.