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Chapter 40: tenth day of being an untouchable flower
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The opening time of the hidden realm was just five days later. The disciples who had been selected naturally had a variety of protective talismans on them. After all, the hidden realm was an unknown space, it was possible to encounter anything inside. These opportunities were accompanied by dangers and corresponding security measures were necessary.
Xie Yu was the direct disciple of the Sword Peak. According to Gu Yan’s knowledge, the peak master extremely favored this disciple with the same wood spiritual root as him. Therefore, Gu Yan would not have the chance to give him things like talismans.
Only this time among the five peak masters, he was chosen. No matter what, he should still prepare a few kinds of spiritual tools for Xie Yu. As for his own disciple…
“Your Master has already cast three defensive arrays on this set of clothing. Unless a cultivator whose level is equal to the Core Formation realm attacks you or someone uses a spiritual tool, these three formations are absolutely unlikely to be penetrated.” Who would not worry for their own child? These two days, Gu Yan basically spent all his time on the formation of these arrays.
It was not an easy task to shrink such a strong matrix onto a piece of clothing, let alone a triple array. This directly increased the level of difficulty by three-fold.
At this time, the cub that was originally in the youth’s lap snuggled into the robes he was pointing at and finally exposed a small head, purring in satisfaction.
This robe was already filled with the scent of the youth, the young cub narrowed its vertical pupils. This scent had always smelled very good, it likes it a lot and there was also a sense of familiarity.
Afterward, Gu Yan put a bronze bell in front of the young cub and told him that there were nearly a hundred advanced methods stored in there. He just had to inject a little spiritual power to start it.
In case he encountered something more formidable in the hidden realm, reckless explosive power would increase his chances of escaping even if he was unable to win.
“Entering the hidden realm will cause everybody to be randomly transported to various locations. It will be difficult for your Master to find you. At that time, you will have to rely on yourself. If you meet others from the same sect, it would be best to cooperate but don’t be too trusting.” Gu Yan touched the slightly exposed head. At first, he was seriously warning the other but seeing the young cub snuggled into the robes he had folded earlier, he can’t help but find it funny.
“Meow.” The cub tilted its head and obediently agreed.
Due to its blood inheritance, it had obtained information related to the hidden realm of ​​the Tibetan sea. This message was very vague, it was probably pointing to a cave in an area somewhere in the vicinity. There was a pile of treasure—
Moving, flickering like a flame. He wanted to take this thing and give it to the person who was now stroking him.
“It does not matter even if you do not manage to find any treasure as long as you return safely.” Seeing this head tilt, Gu Yan did not hold back and touched its head a few more times.
Five days passed quickly. On the day the hidden realm was opened, all the people sent by the various sects gathered on the Tianzhu Mountain.
In addition to the people selected to enter the hidden realm, each of the sects also sent out several elders. In case of any accidents, they needed people to settle them.
The entrance to the hidden realm was near the top of the mountain, the walls were steep and very rugged.
There were a total of 12 sects at the scene. Now, the most powerful forces there were the Yun Yu and Zhong Xuan sect. Guan Lan sect’s rank was neither high nor low, their prestigious status in the past had dropped to today’s state.
“If little brother meets Xie Yu in the hidden realm, this Master hopes that little brother will take care of him.” This sentence was said by the Peak master of the Heavenly sword peak. Gu Yan replied, "naturally".
Waiting for a while, the people that were selected had already entered the hidden realm. Now it was Guan Lan sect’s turn.
 The secret entrance was a dimensional gap that rotated like a black hole. Gu Yan stopped in front of this and utters a word for the disciple named Xie Zhen to enter.
It was the next person’s turn.
“Master.” There was no purpose in this call. Watching the young cultivator whose face was expressionless, Jiang Tan suddenly felt extremely dissatisfied with this hidden realm.
Why must it be random transmission?
The thought of not being able to see this person soon caused his dissatisfaction to be even stronger.
“En.” Back facing the others, Gu Yan raised a hand to touch his disciple’s head. He replied softly, his expression softening.
He did not know that in this short amount of time, his disciple had already secretly noted down this grudge with the hidden realm.
After a few years, the Tibetan Sea Hidden Realm would disappear silently from the cultivation realm. At that time, the seemingly normal looking youth leading the entire demon and beasts race would narrow his eyes, his beautiful face filled with coldness and without any emotions. He only needed to wave a hand and crush this entire space.
 The reason why he did this was really only because of this one mark that was recorded in his heart as a child.
At that time, nobody knows how many sects lamented over this matter. It used to be once every ten years, but it was now gone.
However, at this time, the young cub who had given made this mark in his heart could only crease his eyebrows and wait for the youth to pat his head. Then, he stepped into the passage under the gaze of the youth.
Now, the only people who haven’t gone in from the Guan Lan Sect was Gu Yan.
Guan Lan Sect used to be the best in the entire cultivation realm but had steadily declined from being a top sect a hundred years ago. No matter what, it had still long ago put pressure on many other sects for a whole hundred years. A starving camel was still better than a healthy horse[1]and later on, Guan Lan sect never failed to keep the other sects on guard.
Especially in recent years, this sect had also produced a talented person.
The young cultivator with the white moon robes stood at the entrance, but most of the people in the field could not see his cultivation. There was only one explanation, that is, the cultivator’s level was higher than their own.
This scared some of the elders at the scene. Those who can serve as elders in their family were at least the cultivators at the Core Formation realm. If they were above the Core Formation realm, wouldn’t it mean that the peak master of Guan Lan sect had already reached the Nascent Soul stage–
At this age.
The more one thought about it, the more horrified they became. The last time they saw each other at the sect tournament, the other person was clearly the same as them, in the Core Formation realm. He actually broke through in less than two years, this really made other practitioners in the Core Formation realm stuck at a bottleneck expressions ugly.
However, they could not speculate for long. The youth at the entrance just stepped inside and the swirling space entrance fluctuated. The person stepping into it immediately disappeared.
The feeling of being teleported was not very good, but after two shifts, Gu Yan became immune to this dizziness.
Standing in place for two seconds, he recovered.
Hearing this sound, Gu Yan froze for a minute before he reacted. He silently asked in his mind, “Zero?”
[Energy recovery progress is at 50.39%.] Once its energy recovery was over 50%,  system was able to exit its dormant state. 037 felt that it was a good system with its due diligence, once it had enough energy, it immediately resumed work.
The effect of the dense spiritual energy in this space was immediate and it was a good thing, Gu Yan was even happier. Thanking system 037, the latter fell into silence for a long time before replying monotonously: [This is the system’s job.]
Why does he feel that his system seem a little shy…
Just as this thought appeared in his head, Gu Yan again heard a positive reply with no emotions: [There is no such thing as shyness in the system.]
But this was clearly…
Cutting off his thoughts, Gu Yan coughs and switched to another topic: “This place is full of spiritual energy. Your energy recovery rate will be faster.”
 [Yes, the speed of recovery will be three times faster than that of the outside world.]
Gu Yan circumnavigated the surrounding environment and searched through his memories. There was a fragment of the story that did not fit with the description of this area. The Red Stone Forest, a strangely shaped rock that he had written in the story that Shen Yan would have fallen into ten years later when he entered this hidden realm.
He was a cultivator who was at the demigod stage unless his luck was truly terrible, he would otherwise not encounter any danger in this realm. The area that he was randomly sent to was still just a place that he was ‘familiar’ with. The system was able to recover its energy with a peace of mind.
Gu Yan first explored the surrounding area with his spiritual force. There wasn’t even a single person in his vicinity, it looks like it would be impossible to meet up with his disciple.
 “We must start looking for treasures.” Telling the system, Gu Yan went towards the inner ring of the Red Stone Forest.
He had been sent to the outer ring of ​​this red stone forest. From the plot he had written, Gu Yan knew that there was a cave in the central region of ​​the Red Stone Forest. There was a treasure worthy of being hidden in the cave.
It was a spiritual quenching jade that was guarded by a sacred beast whose rank was comparable to a cultivator in the Core Formation realm. Remembering that when he first wrote about this encounter ten years later, Shen Yan would meet with this monster and the danger he faced was a ninety percent chance of death.
The frustrating point of the beast was that it would continue to be resurrected as long as its soul was not destroyed. For normal cultivators, they would find it very difficult. Of course, there was no difficulty for a cultivator who was in the demigod stage
The spiritual quenching jade was an excellent material for casting swords. It has always been priceless objects in the auction house of many cities. After all, good swords had spiritual awareness and it was easier to communicate with them. Their effectiveness also increased greatly. For example, sword-casting materials that can bring together spiritual aura like the spiritual quenching jade was certainly desired by everyone.
In this Red Stone forest, the beast guarding the quenching jade was very formidable. Gu Yan was prepared to take half of this for his own disciple while the other half he would look for an opportunity to send to Shen Yan to brush up their friendship and facilitate the trade regarding the Vatican Lotus in the future.
Flickering in the direction of his route, this teleportation was a skill that only cultivators in the Core formation realm can master. Gu Yan’s own cultivation was enough. Previously when he was alone on the Sky peak, he had fumbled and practiced several times. Now it is easy for him.
Arriving in the vicinity of his target, he then used his spiritual force to scout the entrance of the cave. Gu Yan looked at the dark mouth of the cave and cast a few fire curses first, relying on the light it provided to go inside.
037 just wanted to remind him but hadn’t spoken anything yet when Gu Yan already responded.
“I know.”
Its host can handle many things on his own, 037 silently thought. Compared to its previous hosts, 037 really feels that the current host made it feel the most comfortable.
The intensity of the light emitted was limited. In the relatively dark cave, Gu Yan was now facing a pair of blood red, beast-like pupils with a menacing glare. Its figure was like a leopard but its size was much larger than that of one. There were two horns on its head, three tails, and it was completely covered with a layer of black fur.
Its fangs were exposed and coupled with the glint in its eyes, made the beast look particularly vicious. But in the next second, Gu Yan could not help but be stunned-
In the original story, he had written this beast as a very powerful being. However, when he saw the fiendish monster that was looking at him, the latter seemed to have seen a ghost … …
It took three more steps back.
Gu Yan: “…”
At this time, its eyes no longer dared to show any hints for provocation. This beast continued to move a few more steps back.
The cultivator who had broken into his territory had an aura that was extremely dangerous. Just by his instincts, he felt great fear.
This scent was not his own, but there was still an oppressive force.
End of chapter 40

[1]瘦死的骆驼比马大: A starved camel is better off than a horse: chinese proverb. Read more about this here: