Targetx Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

As Lu Ze’s voice fell, the expressions of several people in the team suddenly became strange, then became realization before they all looked up at Xiang Han with surprise.
Some nosy person went back and quietly checked the company's registration information and found that Xiang Han was more than just a partner, he was also one of the two founders.
As a result, rumors soon started. It was said that the new assistant was actually a founding partner of the company. That person had the right to manage the company, there were no backdoors taken at all.
As for Zhang Jia who left, he was soon forgotten by everyone.
After hearing about this incident from Lu Ze, Xiang Han was very surprised and couldn't resist asking Lu Ze: "How can my name be there?"
Lu Ze snorted and said: "The establishment of a company must have two or more shareholders. When I registered, I simply put your name down."
In fact, a one-person shareholder was possible, but the minimum registered capital would be higher. Tianchen was actually under sole proprietorship of the founding person. As for why Xiang Han appeared in the registration information, it was because Lu Ze hacked into their website and changed it. After all, the time was too short to do anything.
Xiang Han was very touched and felt that the target was really good to the original host, even giving him half of the company. Unfortunately, later on, he fell for the protagonist and suffered... Something’s wrong. After the original target became successful, how come the original host did not manage to reap any benefits at all and ended up Miserable instead?
After voicing his doubts to the system, system helplessly told him: "Mr. Xiang, he lied to you."
These few days, he had worked hard to help him do his laundry, sweep the floor, call for takeaways and even spared no effort to create opportunities for him and the protagonist to be alone. Not only was he not grateful, he even deceived him. Where did the minimum trust between people go?
He immediately felt that his grateful feelings had been wasted.
Lu Ze was very busy. After a long while, he suddenly said: "Call for takeaway. I have to work overtime tonight."
Xiang Han glared at him, and said, "My work hours are over, call it by yourself. I’m not staying."
What's wrong with him? Lu Ze looked at him in confusion then looked at the screen. He no longer had the heart to continue working and packed up to leave.
Sun Shuya had just brought a report up. Lu Ze stopped in his tracks and said: "Good work, I'll bring it back and look over it."
"Okay." Sun Shuya smiled but after Lu Ze left, his smile disappeared instantly.
Two weeks ago, Lu Ze could still be described as a workaholic. Overtime until two or three in the morning was the norm. Sun Shuya would stay with him every time. The number of times he stayed will naturally be noticed by Lu Ze. With his hard work and outstanding abilities, he quickly received praise. After becoming more familiar, it became normal to call takeaway, chat, and discuss work while working overtime.
However, everything changed once Xiang Han entered the company. Every time once Xiang Han left, Lu Ze will certainly leave within half an hour. Even if there were the occasional overtime, Xiang Han would certainly be there. In particular, after the rumors, not only was Xiang Han not pushed away, Lu Ze became even more concerned with him.
Thinking of this, Sun Shuya’s face became gloomy. If he could not force Xiang Han to leave before the company faces its crisis, it will not be him who will solve it with Lu Ze.
It seems that he needs to find out what happened in the bar that night and what happened to Zhao Handong. That man had been calm for too long, staying silent was really not his style.

That’s right, Zhao Handong always hated Lu Ze. As long as it is anything owned by Lu Ze, he will want to destroy it. If Zhao Handong knows how concerned Lu Ze was about Xiang Han, perhaps... he wouldn't even need to move his hands.

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Louze Voice side fell, accompanying team of several people expression suddenly some subtle, immediately suddenly, have surprised looked to cold one eye.
A good person went back quietly to check the company's registration information, found that the cold is not only a partner, or only two of the founders. As a result, the rumors quickly turned the direction.
It is said that the new to the assistant is the company's founding partner, the company has a management right, there is no unspoken rules.
As for the separation of the Zhang Jia, it was soon forgotten. To the cold heard this afterwards, also very surprised, can't help asking Louze: "How can have my name?"
” Louze a sound, said: "The establishment of the company must have two or more than two shareholders, registered by the way you add up."
” In fact, one person is also possible, but the minimum registered capital is higher. Tian Chen is actually a natural person wholly-owned, as to the name of the cold to appear in the registration information, that is Louze black into the site changed.
After all, the time is so short, even the formalities are not complete. To the cold very touched, feel that the goal of the original is really good ah, even the company is half of him, unfortunately later like the protagonist by ...
No, since the original owner also has a stake, how the target developed, did not see him after drinking soup, but the next miserable? He threw this puzzle to the system, and the system was very helpless: "To Mr., he lied to you."

What the?! The loss of their own these days hard to help him laundry, sweeping, call for takeout, but also spare no effort for him and the protagonist by the creation of Solitude.
He did not appreciate it, but also at random to deceive themselves, the most basic trust between people?
He suddenly felt white moved, wasting cavity feelings. Louze is buried in work, a short while after suddenly emerged a sentence: "Help me to call a takeaway, tonight to overtime."
” To the cold stare him one eye, not happy way: "To work time, you call it, I do not overtime."
” What's the matter?
Louze a face inexplicable, looked at the screen, suddenly also inadvertently work, pack up on the plan to leave. Sun Shuya at this time just send a plan to come in, Louze Pace Micro-Dayton, took after said: "Hard, I take back to see it."
” Good
Sun Shuya smiled and said, but after Louze left, the smile vanished on his face. Half a month ago, Louze can be said to be a workaholic, working overtime until two or three in the morning is the norm. Sun Shuya will accompany each time, a lot of times, will naturally be Louze noticed. With his hard work, his ability to stand out, he was soon appreciated.
After this familiar, overtime work together to call a takeaway, chat a few words, discuss the job is also the logical. But when the cold entered the company, everything changed. Every time as long as a walk to the cold, not in half an hour, Louze must also follow away. Even if occasionally leave overtime, to the cold certainly also together.
In particular, after several rumors, to the cold not only not forced away, but let Louze to him more. To think of this, Sun Shuya looked somewhat dull.
If you do not force to the cold, such as the company has a crisis, and Louze to tide over the difficulties is not him. It seems that he needs to know what happened to the bar that night.
And Zhao Handong, who has been calm lately, has no action, and it's not like his style. Yes, Zhao Handong always hated Louze, as long as Louze owned, he wanted to ruin. If Zhao Handong know how Louze in intention cold, perhaps ...
He won't have to do it. Although Zhao Handong that Madman stared, the end may not be very good, but Sun Shuya can only in the heart to the cold say sorry.
Louze was supposed to be his, he would not give up like a past life, and not submissively. Louze back to the house, a door opened to smell a strange ... Smell.
Change good shoes into the living room, see to cold is legged sitting on the sofa, a hand with oil in the carton, hand holding with bamboo sticks, do not know what to eat.
Louze quietly approached, waiting to see the black in the carton, the face suddenly changed with that thing as dark, directly raised his hand, and threw it into the trash.
To cold, a dull look at him, and so back to God, the beloved fried tofu has been with the garbage. "Why did you throw it at me?" He immediately blew his hair. That's what I paid for myself.
” "How many times have I told you that my stomach is not good enough to eat fried food?" And you look at what you're eating. What is this thing that smells like people can smell?
"Louze is no less angry than he is. To the cold deep breath, and then puzzled: "No taste ah, and very delicious."
” Louze to collapse, teeth: "Open the window."
"He can't stay in the room for a second," he continued.
To the cold very wronged, obviously is the other party first threw his snack. After opening the window, he went directly to his room with a cushion to sleep. But after tossing and turning in bed for 10 minutes, he could not help sitting up: "Small nine, you say he is not too much?"

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