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Targetx Chapter 16

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations
Proofreader: Dragon_reader 
Target Chapter 16


As the most advanced combat system in the Federation, System 009 joined the battlefield to defeat the protagonist, and write the code. Once it joined, Lu Ze was like a tiger with wings, becoming even more powerful. Not only did he solve the problem within a short time, he also found the source of the virus.
Half an hour later, the police rushed to Lushi Group. Lu Hai, the executive vice president of Lushi, was required to go to the police station for further investigation.
At the same time, Qian Xiaofeng took out a monitoring device and gave it to the police as evidence.

Everyone in the technical department was stunned. Sun Shuya was pale with disbelief. Looking at Lu Ze, his voice trembled: "You've been ... suspecting me?"
"You exposed yourself too easily." Lu Ze looked away calmly.
"No, it's not like this, it shouldn't be like this..." Sun Shuya shook his head non-stop and stared at Lu Ze. He couldn't accept this: "You obviously should have liked me, why has everything changed..."
The crowd immediately looked at each other and then at Lu Ze.
Lu Ze looked slightly displeased: "I don't understand what you are talking about."
Saying this, he subconsciously touched Xiang Han’s hand and looked at him with a hint of nervousness. When Sun Shuya saw this scene, unwillingness and despair flashed through his eyes.
Xiang Han was also stunned and asked the system: [Little- little nine. The situation seems to be a bit different from what you said.]
[But he was really plotting against the target’s company. This is also a kind of ‘love’. Humankind's feelings are really complicated] The system also could not figure it out.
Once Sun Shuya was taken away, people from the technical department dispersed.
The crowd could not help but sigh in relief. Qian Xiaofeng looked at Xian Han up and down, and whispered: "Assistant, you really hid deeply. Do you have any interest in  joining our technical department?"
Lu Ze immediately stood between them. When he saw that Xiang Han was silent, he suddenly panicked. He hurriedly pulled him into the next room and carefully explained: “Don’t listen to Sun Shuya’s nonsense. Apart from work, I rarely interacted with him..."

"En, I know." Xiang Han nodded.
Lu Ze breathed a sigh of relief, but when he thought about it carefully, he also felt as if  something was wrong. He slowly asked, "Aren't you angry?"

"Not angry." Xiang Han shook his head.
Lu Ze was strangely disappointed. He suddenly reached out to push Xiang Han against the wall. His tone was unhappy and held a hint of dissatisfaction: "Why don't you seem to care at all? If I said that I like him, will you still not get angry?"
Xiang Han froze for a moment before saying, "But you did not say that..."
"But what if I did?" Lu Ze asked.
Xiang Han thought for a moment, his heart suddenly felt a little stuffy. He simply lowered his head without a word.
“When I ask you this, how do you feel?” Seeing Xiang Han maintaining his silence, Lu Ze changed his question.
Looking up at him, Xiang Han’s voice was a bit soft: "It feels a bit uncomfortable."
Immediately, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He bent down to kiss Xiang Han, then, stopped beside his ear and warmly whispered, “I knew it, you like me.”
Xiang Han’s heart seemed to skip a beat, and he quickly pushed Lu Ze away in a panic. His face was completely flushed.

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As the most advanced combat system in the Federation, 009 got the battlefield, got the kitchen, played the protagonist, and wrote the code. With it joined, Lu Ze was even more powerful, and solved the problem in a short while, and also found the source of the virus.

Half an hour later, the police appeared in the Lu's Group, and Lu Hai, executive vice president of Lu's, was asked to go to the police station to investigate.

At the same time, Qian Xiaofeng also took control and handed it to JC as evidence.

The people in the technical department were all stunned, and Sun Shuya was pale when he was pale, and he couldn’t believe it when he looked at Lu Ze. The voice shook: "You have long been... doubt me?"

"You are the first to show your feet." Lu Ze removed his gaze and his tone was calm.

"No, it is not like this, it shouldn't be like this..." Sun Shuya couldn't help but shake her head, her eyes fixed on Lu Ze, unable to accept: "You obviously should like me, why everything has changed..."

Everyone suddenly looked at each other and looked at Lu Ze's eyes more.

Lu Ze’s face was dull and unpleasant: “I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

After talking about the subconscious, holding the hand to the cold, I looked at him nervously. Sun Shuya saw this scene, and the eyes flashed a bit of unwillingness and despair.

When I was cold, I looked at my face and asked the system: "Small, small, nine, the situation is a little different from what you said."

"But he is really framing the target company, so it is like it, the human feelings are really complicated." The system can't figure it out.

After Sun Shuya was taken away, the people in the technical department dispersed.

Everyone couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Qian Xiaofeng looked up and down to the cold and whispered: "I don't know how to come to the assistant. Are you interested in coming to the technical department?"

Lu Ze directly separated him. When he saw the cold, he still couldn’t talk. He couldn’t help but panic. He dragged him to the next door and explained: "You don’t want to listen to him. Besides the work, I usually talk. They rarely say to him..."

"Well, I know." Nod to the cold.

Lu Ze was also relieved, but think about what is wrong, try to ask: "You are not angry?"

"Not angry." Shake his head to the cold.

Lu Ze was inexplicably lost. He suddenly reached out and put him on the wall. The tone was not a taste. He also had a slight disappointment: "Why don't you care at all? Is it because I like him, you are not angry?"

I chilled and said, "But you didn't say that?"

"What if I said that?" Lu Ze asked.

I thought about it for a cold, and suddenly I felt a little uncomfortable in my heart.

"Then what do you feel when you listen to me?" Seeing him not saying, Lu Ze changed his question.

Looking up at him to the cold, the voice was a bit low: "It seems to be stuffy."

Lu Ze’s eyes suddenly caught a smile, and he kissed him and kissed him, then put it in his ear and said warmly: “I know, you like me.”

Xiang Han felt that the heart seemed to miss a beat, and some of them panicked and pushed him, and the tip of his ear was flushed.

Lu Ze smiled and took him out. I am absent-minded, and I am always thinking about life events: Does he like a virtual character?

The passing staff saw them, and their faces suddenly showed the color of worship: the left hand was as fast as the afterimage, and the expression was light and self-sufficient.

The virus incident was quickly sent out, but it did not cause much impact, because the police quickly announced the results of the investigation, Tianchen was defamed.

‘Huskies’ is very derogatory to say good things on Weibo, and the final impact will be minimal.

The company’s business was behind, and the cold began to care about Lu Ze’s family affairs. There is no reason for it. After the exposure of Tianhai’s Tianchen, the grievances of their mother and son and Lu Ze gradually surfaced.

Looking at the gossip on the Internet, I couldn't help but ask Lu Ze: "Your mother's car accident... Is it premeditated?"

"Just guessing, there is no evidence." Lu Ze didn't look very good. After a while, he smiled bitterly: "At that time, I was going to take the college entrance examination. If anything, my mom wouldn't tell me."

Chapter 16:

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