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Targetx Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Once Xiang Han fell asleep, Lu Ze squeezed into the bed and gently pulled the other person into his arms, ready to sleep together. At this time, the 'Husky' sent a few more messages. Lu Ze inadvertently saw it, and then... read it with interest.

Next morning, Xiang Han had yet to wake up when Lu Ze interrupted his sleep. Then, with the help of the other person, Xiang Han dazedly brushed his teeth and washed his paws and face. It wasn’t until a fragrance hit his nose before he jerked awake. He immediately sobered up, stared at the lunch box on the table with shining eyes and asked, “What porridge is it today? Is there a side dish?”

Lu Ze paused and had no choice but to turn around after scooping out a bowl of porridge. "There are no side dishes today."

"Ah? Why?" Xiang Han was somewhat disappointed.

Lu Ze stirred the porridge and said: "They are all pickled food. You have a bad stomach so you need to eat less."
"Fine." He reluctantly opened his mouth and waited to be fed. Fortunately, the millet porridge was very fragrant so he was still very happy to eat it.

Talking about feeding, Xiang Han was initially very reluctant. Because Lu Ze would always steal his food in between feeding him, and would sometimes even feed him mouth to mouth. Putting aside the fact that his saliva was mixed in, this action was particularly slow, making him wonder when he will ever be full. Using his inconvenient right hand as an excuse, Lu Ze insisted on taking on this chore. Any objection was useless and Xiang Han could only reluctantly agree.

Ah, just eating breakfast alone can make him turn red and breathless. Apart from him, there was really no one else.

Xiang Han stared at Lu Ze who was currently cleaning up the dishes with melancholy. The system comforted in his mind: [Mr. Xiang, there is somebody to care, cherish and help you to complete your tasks easily and earn money. How wonderful this is.].

Xiang Han narrowed his eyes and shook his head. His expression had a touch of sadness: [It will not be good when my injury recovers. He’s just fattening me up before getting ready to eat me].

Ah, how did he become smarter today? The system was surprised and could not help but ask: [How do you know?]

Xiang Han continued to be sad: [ ’Husky’ told me.].

[You really became friends with him?] The system felt that it was necessary to remind him: [After you fell asleep last night, the target saw your chat history with Mr. Zhou.]

"What?!" Xiang Han immediately looked up and questioned Lu Ze: "You saw my chat with the ‘Husky’?"

"Yeah." Lu Ze nodded, not intending to hide it in the first place.
"How can you not respect other people’s privacy?" Xiang Han was furious but afterward, he felt a little guilty: "Did, did you see anything?"

He seems to have talked badly a lot about Lu Ze in his chat.

Lu Ze mouth slightly twitched, trying to ignore those complaints of him and sincerely apologized: "I'm sorry. I saw the notification on the screen which seemed very interesting and held a story. In a moment of curiosity, I opened it."

Saying this, he smoothly changed the topic: "Right, Mr. Zhou mentioned he wants to write a new novel?"

"Yeah," Mentioning this, Xiang Han started to get excited again. Yesterday, as he was discussing writing tips with the ‘Husky’, the other party simply took out his new work to use as an example. Because it was an interstellar theme, Xiang Han excitedly provided ideas for world architecture, battleships, weapons and others.

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After sleeping in the cold, Lu Ze also squeezed into the bed, and gently moved the other side into his arms, ready to squat for a while. At the moment, ‘Huskies’ sent a few more messages, and Lu Ze accidentally saw it, and then he looked at it with gusto.

Early the next morning, when he was still awakened to the cold, he was called by Lu Ze. Then, under the service of the other party, I brushed my teeth, washed my paws and my face. Until a scent of millet floated, he violently stunned, and instantly woke up, staring at the incubator on the table, asking: "What is porridge today? Is there a side dish?"

Lu Ze’s action paused. After a bowl of porridge, he turned around and said: “There is no side dish today.”

"Ah? Why?" A little disappointing to the cold.

Lu Ze stirred the porridge and said: "It's all salted products. Your stomach is not good, you should eat less."

"Okay." Feeding to the cold reluctantly open mouth, fortunately, the millet porridge is very fragrant, he still drinks very cheerful.
When it comes to feeding, it is reluctant to start from the cold. Because Lu Ze always feeds himself two times, sometimes with his mouth, the saliva is mixed together, the movement is still very slow, can he eat when he is? However, the other party had to take this job because of his inconvenience on his right hand. He opposed the invalidity and could only reluctantly agree.

Hey, you can have a red heartbeat and a slight breath when you have a breakfast. No one else except him.

Looking at Luze and looking at the bowl spoon, the system comforted in the brain: "To Mr., someone hurts, pets, and easily completes the task and earns money. How good."

He blinked his arms and legs, shook his head, and looked sad with a sorrow: "When the injury is restored, it is not good. He wants to fatten me."

Hey, how come smart today? The system was very surprised and couldn't help but ask: "How do you know?"

"‘Huskies’ helped me analyze it.” Continued sorrow to the cold.

"Are you really a friend with him?" The system felt it necessary to remind him: "After you fell asleep last night, the target saw your chat history with Mr. Zhou."

"What?!" immediately looked up at the cold and asked Lu Ze: "Have you seen my chat with Husky?"

"Yeah." Lu Ze nodded and did not intend to conceal.

“How do you not respect the privacy of others?” I was very angry with the cold, and afterwards I had some guilty conscience: “You, you didn’t see anything?”
He seems to have said a lot of Lu Ze’s ‘bad words’ in the chat, hehe.

Lu Ze mouth twitched, try to ignore those who accused him, and sincerely apologize: "Sorry, I saw the news on the screen is very interesting, it seems to be telling a story, curious, just click in."

Speaking of the trend to turn the topic: "Yes, Mr. Zhou is going to open a new article?"

"Yeah." Bring this up and start to be happy with the cold. Yesterday, I discussed the method of writing with Husky, and the other party simply took his own new text and gave an example. Because it is Starcraft, he is very excited, and he will not help to provide the world architecture, warships, weapons and so on.

Lu Ze sat on the edge of the bed and habitually said to him: "Mr. Zhou’s text has been sold, and this cooperation has been very successful. I think... it’s better to have no water and no water."

"What do you mean?" asked the cold.

Lu Ze said: "I want to make it into a game. We work with Mr. Zhou. You are responsible for the world architecture. The story is written by Mr. Zhou. The game is coming out of us."

“Is it okay?” Ask the system to the cold consciousness. After all, this involves weapons theory, warship systems, and cosmic rules.

The system said: "Please wait for Mr., please ask."
Big A and small B are on the line very quickly. Big A said directly: "Yes, but the final version of the novel is subject to our review."

After getting the consent of Big A, I was immediately happy to discuss with Lu Ze.

However, what makes him strange is that many times he has not finished the theory, Lu Ze can tell the latter. As for why the guess is so accurate, Lu Ze is not clear, simply licking the cold hair, smiled and said: "Probably our heart has a heart."

To the cold with a chicken-like hairstyle, a look of resentment: all true military, physical knowledge, heart has a thread of wool?

Big A and Xiao B are also very active, and have a lot of information for his reference.

To the cold can not help but swear: "Big A, your position in the military must be very high."

On the other hand, Lu Ze is also actively contacting ‘Husky’ to discuss cooperation matters.

‘Huskies’ initially hesitated, but after reading the information compiled from the cold, he was immediately attracted. The structure and system of this world is too complete, especially those mechs, warships, characteristics of various models, development history, combat effects, and various physics knowledge that have not been heard, are listed, it seems that there is such a The same thing. Even the sketches of the cold have been drawn, very realistic.

‘Husky’ did not want to, and agreed directly. The two sides signed the contract very quickly. Xiang Han and ‘Husky started to get together every day, and they talked about setting up.

Lu Ze was so depressed that he seemed to have dug a hole for himself.

On the other hand, under the propaganda of movies and book fans, the online players of "Wanjie" also rose. On the tenth day of the public beta, the number of players participating in the game has accumulated more than 10 million.

When Qian Xiaofeng called Lu Ze to report this good news, he couldn't help but excite: "Fortunately, we were ambitions and used servers. If we don't follow this trend, we will be squeezed one day."

Lu Ze’s mouth is light and asks: “What about the person who pays attention to you?”
"Oh, he." Qian Xiaofeng immediately lowered his voice and carefully said: "There is nothing unusual for the time being."

"Well, you will keep an eye on it. In addition, I will go to the old town of Muxi with the assistant tomorrow, and you will be told to the company."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Ze knocked on the door of the ward and then walked in and said, "Go here first today." Then look at the 'Husky': "Mr. Zhou, I am discharged from the cold, I plan to bring it tomorrow. He went to Muxi to distract himself, and the discussion came to an end."

"Mushan." "Huskies" took a moment to lead the gods, turned and said to Xiang Han: "The hot springs in the ancient town are good, remember to drink more for a while, haha..."

When I was cold, I immediately noticed the crisis. After the ‘Huskies’ left, I couldn’t help but say: “I will not go.”

Lu Ze frowned: "Isn't it better to go before?"

"When is it, why don't I remember?" Covered the head with a quilt.

Lu Ze walked over and pulled away the quilt and said: "This time I deliberately left, and the fish is hooked. You can match it."

"Really?" Some doubts about the cold.

Lu Ze was slightly staggered and said with a light cough: "Of course, what do I lie to you?"

"That's okay." Xiang Hanqiang agreed, after cleaning up for a while, he began to say the condition: "I want to eat spicy crayfish."

Lu Ze did not want to, and refused directly: "Your stomach is not good..."
Chapter 14: