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Targetx Chapter 11

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations
Editor: Dragon_Reader
When he saw Xiang Han wake up, Zhao Handong sneered as he stood up. Approaching Xiang Han, he raised his hand and grasped his chin, forcing him to look up and said: "You have a lot of guts, daring to stay in the capital."

"Not really, just as much as usual," Xiang Han deliberately provoked him, just that his laughter was a bit forced.

"Heh," Zhao Handong snorted coldly and released him harshly. As soon as Xiang Han stumbled off his chair, two men in black stepped forward and picked him up as if they were picking up a chicken, and pressed him back.

Zhao Handong sat back on the couch and stared at him gloomily, "Lu Ze stirred up quite a mess a few days ago. You are not too bad, making him willing to die for you even after cheating on him. However, this is also good. The more he cares about you, the more pain he will feel after I destroy you."

"I think you are just too cowardly to face up to him. You only know how to pull such petty tricks." Xiang Han replied.

The system could not help but remind: [At this time, it’s better if you don’t argue.]

Zhao Handong face darkened as he sneered, "You'd better keep up your stubbornness."

Waving a hand, the man in black next to him immediately came forward and injected something into him.

Xiang Han went numb, calling for his system in his mind: [Little nine, what is that stuff?]

Big A replied on behalf of the system: [Rest assured, you won’t die].

The system quietly said: [Mr. Xiang, don't worry, I've called the police.]

[P-police?] Xiang Han wanted to kneel down. By the time the police arrived, he would be beaten to death.

The system said weakly: [I've tried my best.]

Although it didn't understand why the Dean said not to do anything yet, but the Dean held absolute authority and it had to obey.

Big A ordered privately: [Inform the target too].

The system received the order: [Understood] and quickly hacked into Lu Ze's computer.

Lu Ze had just solved a technical problem and was packing up to go home. The computer that was yet to shut down completely suddenly became a black screen, and a line of words appeared.

Lu Ze’s face changed rapidly. His computer’s firewall had always been impenetrable, only a few number of people could break through. He did not expect someone to easily invade it, but he had no time to think on who had this ability. After reading the words on the screen, he immediately took out his mobile phone and called Xiang Han.

After two consecutive unsuccessful attempts, he felt a rising panic in his heart. He quickly unplugged the power and left.

Sun Shuya happened to have something to discuss with him but he didn't have the mood to deal with it. He threw out a 'We’ll talk later' and hurriedly left. Sun Shuya's hand holding the document gradually tightened, his knuckles turning white. A trace of dullness flashed through his eyes.

After Xiang Han was injected, he broke out in cold sweat, staring at Zhao Handong, he asked, "What the hell do you want?"

"What I want?" Zhao Handong grinned but his eyes remained cold: "Aren't you good at seducing men? You don't have to seduce anyone today. My treat, I’ll let you feel good."

Afterwards, he told the men in black, "Just nice, we can record it and let Lu Ze watch it too. I’ll be happy only when he is suffering."

The man in black commanded the other two to work on the video equipment, and the rest of them surrounded Xiang Han, tearing away his clothes.

Xiang Han cursed madly, "Fuck! You are a fucking pervert, Ah. Is it that you cannot do it on your own, and thought of such an immoral way?"

Zhao Handong’s face was dark and coldly told the few people, “Hurry up!”

Seeing that he was about to be left with only his underpants, Xiang Han tearfully cried for help: [Big A, do you really not have employee protection measures for this kind of situation?]

Big A said: [Mr. Xiang, you can relax. We are professionals. In this kind of situation, we will censor it seriously and will not infringe on your privacy.]

Xiang Han was enraged, threatening them: [I quit, I want to destroy the contract, I don’t care if I lose 50 million!]

Big A sighed and ordered the system: [Forget it, 009, save him.] Afterwards, he silently complained about someone: [Still not here, why are his movements so slow?]

When the system received the order, he immediately told Xiang Han: [Mr. Xiang, please relax and let me control your body.]

The hands that were tied to his back were firmly clutching the edge of his underpants as he cried: [At this time, how can I relax?]

System was helpless: [Then endure a little, I will initiate forced control.]

Xiang Han was panicking: [Then, hurry -]

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Seeing to wake up to the cold, Zhao Handong sneered out and screamed. When he approached, he raised his hand and pinched his chin, forcing him to look up and yelling: "You are courageous, but you dare to stay in the capital."

"Generally speaking." To the cold, he was deliberately jealous of him, that is, he was a little reluctant to laugh.

"Hey." Zhao Handong snorted and opened his hand directly. When he fell to the chair from the cold, the two black men immediately came forward, like a chicken, and he took it back and pressed it.

Zhao Handong sat back on the sofa and stared at him gloomyly: "Lu Ze had messed up my dog and dog a few days ago. You have the ability to do it. If you derail, you can let him die for you. But this is the better thing, the more you care, the more The more painful it is after ruining."

"I think you are too embarrassed, don't dare to talk to him on the front side, only use this kind of villain means." Continue to marry him.

The system couldn't help but remind: "Do not blow your mouth at this time."

Zhao Handong’s face was blue and sneer: “You’d better be so hard.”

After saying that he waved his hand, the black man next to him immediately stepped forward and picked up a direct shot to the cold sleeve.

When I chilled my scalp, I yelled at the system: "Xiaojiu, what is this thing?"

"Reassured, not fatal." Big A returned to the system.

System channel: "To Mr., don't worry, I have already called the police."

"Report, alarm?" To the cold, he waited for the police to arrive, he must have been killed.

"I have tried my best." The system is weak and weak, although I don't understand why Admiral Dean let it do not shoot first, but the general's authority is large, and it has to obey.

"Also inform the target." Big A private order.

"Yes." After receiving the order, the system quickly invaded Luze's computer.

Lu Zegang solved a technical problem and was packing things to go back. The computer that had not been turned off suddenly turned black, and then a line of white characters appeared.

Lu Ze's face changed, his computer defense has always been strict, and there are few breakthroughs. I did not expect anyone to control it easily. But he had no time to think about who had this ability. After reading the words on the screen, he immediately took out his mobile phone and gave it to the cold.

He didn't get through twice in a row, and he panicked in his heart. He lifted his hand and unplugged the power. He turned and went out.

Sun Shuya happened to be looking for him. He didn't even have the mood to cope. He left the sentence ‘wait and say,’ and left in a hurry. Sun Shuya's hand holding the document gradually tightened, the knuckles were a bit white, and the eyes flashed a faintness.

After being shot in the cold, the cold sweat came out, and I stared at Zhao Handong and asked, "What are you doing?"

"What?" Zhao Handong smiled a little embarrassed, but his eyes were cold: "Are you not good at seduce men? I don't have to seduce it today, I treat you, so that you can be cool and cool."

After that, I told the black people: "It’s just recorded, let Lu Ze see it too. He is not good, I am happy."

The black man got the order, the two went to play with the camera equipment, and the rest of the people would hug the cold and tear his clothes with no expression.

To the cold scream: "Where! You TM metamorphosis, is it not you can't do it, just come up with this kind of wicked thing?"

Zhao Handong’s face was dark and black, and he told the few people: “Give me a hurry!”

Seeing that the beggars are left with their pants, I have to cry for help in the cold: "Big A, do you really have no employee protection measures for this kind of thing?"

Big A language has a long heart: "To Mr., you can rest assured that we are professionally ethical. For

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