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Targetx Chapter 10

Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations ☺
Chapter 10

The real name of the author of {Ten Thousand Worlds} is called Zhou Jiawei. He is one of those authors who rose to fame in the early days of the web-novel world. His microblog had tens of millions of followers and he was extremely famous. This was one of the reasons why Lu Ze chose to purchase the game {Ten Thousand Worlds}. Since he was making a game, he might as well choose a famous one.
After listening to the system's barrage of information along the way, Xiang Han revealed a face of longing: [So amazing ah, it’s a senior.]
System: [...] It almost forgot, Xiang Han was also a web author in the Federation and was merely an author on a third-rate website that specialized in writing simple novels. The income he makes can only barely support himself and occasionally had to rely on his dad for financial help.
He hurriedly let his system find out more about the works of {The Siberian Husky}[1] and read it. When we met the real person, his eyes were filled with admiration. If he also had the {Husky} ability, he wouldn't have been hoodwinked by big A into this game for that little bit of money.
{Husky} was a good writer who is extremely diligent. When Lu Ze entered the room with Xiang Han, the other person was ‘pi pa pi pa’, furiously typing away and completely failed to notice their arrival.
Xiang Han was full of curiosity and wanted to approach him but was held back by Lu Ze.
"Don’t disturb him." Lu Ze whispered.
"Oh." Xiang Han nodded and obediently stood aside.
Fortunately, the {Husky} noticed them at this time and got up to shake hands, signaling for the waiters to begin serving.
When Xiang Han shook hands with him, he clung to other person and refused to let go, his tone extremely agitated: "Great, great god, I have admired you for a long time."
System: [...] He obviously only heard of him half an hour ago. Doesn’t his conscience hurt to lie like this?
Lu Ze face also darkened but he continued to smile as he explained: "He is also a fan of Mr. Zhou." Then he lowered his voice and whispered to Xiang Han: "Still not letting go?"
Xiang Han reluctantly released his paws. {Husky} nodded in understanding and politely said: "Unfortunately, I did not bring a book today. If there is a chance in the future, I will send one to Mr. Xiang.”
“Really? That's sounds great. Let's exchange numbers.” Xiang Han was extremely excited and quickly took out his cell phone.
The veins on Lu Ze's forehead was tensed[2] as he waited for their exchange to be done and quickly interrupted the two as he began to talk about business.
In fact, the game has already started undergoing internal testing, but Lu Ze felt that although the beta tests had some form of resemblance to the scenes in the book, it was still lacking in some areas. {Ten Thousand Worlds} existed in the memory of many youths back in their schooling days. Their main target consumer group were also these fans. Thus, he wanted to talk to the author about his intentions and ideas.
Xiang Han was not very familiar with the game {Ten Thousand Worlds}, but this did not stop him from listening to the {Huskies} thoughts and feelings. Therefore, he listened as he ate and gave a burp after he finished eating. He told his system with regret, “This body’s ability to take in food is really lacking."
[Mr. Xiang, the original host’s stomach was not good. You must quickly take medicine.] The system was very worried. When Xiang Han eats something, even ten cows cannot pull him back.
Xiang Han’s face instantly changed and rubbed his stomach: [Before you said it, it was still okay. After you mentioned it, I really feel like vomiting now.]

Saying this, he turned to look at Lu Ze and seeing as he did not notice, Xiang Han quickly sneaked away to the toilet and vomited madly. After vomiting, he took his medicine and rested for a while. Both his eyes were reddish and his legs had gone weak.
[Little nine, don’t find a host with stomach problems next time, too painful.]
System: [... told you not to eat so much.]
After returning to the private room, Lu Ze had just finished talking. {Husky} was very excited: “I have played the beta version before and I think it's pretty good. To tell the truth, the license for {Ten Thousand Worlds} was all signed to Shen Du Group, they are in charge of the movies, animation, and audio but they don’t pay much attention to the game and I also didn’t bother. At first, I thought that it would just be a page or a 2D game. I didn’t expect that you would think so highly of it and actually find me in person. After the beta tests, I believe that many fans will support it."

"Thank you, Mr. Zhou." Lu Ze smiled. After all, {Husky} was known to have 30 million fans on Weibo.
Wrapping up the discussion, Lu Ze turned around and saw Xiang Han leaning weakly against the chair. His eyes were red, as if he had been crying and looked like he had suffered greatly. Lu Ze’s heart skipped a beat as he asked, "What's wrong with you?"

The {Husky} also looked over curiously but Xiang Han quickly waved his hands dismissively. "Nothing, finished discussing?"

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The real name of the author of "Wanjie" is Zhou Jiawei. It is one of the earliest authors of the rise in the network. The microblog has tens of millions of powders and the pen name is big IP. This is one of the reasons why Lu Ze chose to buy the "Wanjie" game adaptation rights. After all, what games are done, it is better to pick a famous one. After listening to the science of the system on the road to the cold, I looked forward to it: "It turned out to be so powerful, the predecessors." System: "..." It almost forgot, the cold is also a net author in the federation, and is a street writer who writes a small white text on a third-rate website. The income can only barely support himself, and occasionally rely on his dad to help. Hurry up and let the system transfer the work of ‘Horse in the dog’ to read it. When you meet the real person, your eyes are full of admiration. If he also has the ‘husky’ skill, he will not be able to make money for the game. ‘Huskies’ is a good writer who is diligent and arrogant. When Lu Ze and Xiang entered the box, the other party was still ‘噼里啪’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ I cried to the cold and wanted to see it, but I was caught by Lu Zeshen. "Don't bother." Lu Ze whispered. "Hey." Nodded to the cold, standing honestly. Fortunately, ‘Huskies’ noticed them at this time, and they got up and shook hands, and let the waiter serve. When I shook hands to the cold, I was holding on to others, and my tone was very excited: "Great, great God, I have been worshipping you for a long time." System: "..." It is obviously only half an hour ago to understand, so lying lie will not hurt? Lu Ze also had some black faces, but he also smiled and explained: "He is also Mr. Zhou's book powder." After talking about the low voice, he said to the cold ear: "Don't let go?" To the cold, I had to reluctantly loosen my claws. ‘Huskies’ nodded in understanding. She said: “It’s a pity that I didn’t bring a book today. If I have a chance, I will send it to my husband.” "Really? That's good, let's exchange the contact information?" Very happy with the cold, and quickly took out the phone. Lu Ze’s forehead jumped straight, and after the exchange, he quickly interrupted the two and began to talk about business.
In fact, the game has already started beta, but Lu Ze feels that although the beta version restores the scenes in the book, it lacks some feelings. "Wanjie" is a memory of many young people in the early and middle schools. The main target consumer group in the early game is also the book powder, so he wants to talk to the author about his ideas and ideas when writing books. Xiang Han is not very familiar with the game of Wan Wan, but this does not prevent him from listening to the writing of Huskies. So I listened to it and ate it. After eating it, I also had a full meal. Then I regretted saying to the system: "The stomach will hate when it is used." "To Mr., the original main stomach is not good, you should take medicine quickly." The system is very worried, and when I eat something from the gentleman, it is really ten cows can't hold it. When I turned to cold, I changed my face and said, "You don't mention it, I mention that I want to vomit." After turning around, I looked at Lu Ze and saw that he didn't notice himself. He quickly left and touched and vomited in the bathroom. After taking the medicine, after a short break, the eyes were red and the legs were soft. "Small nine, don't look for a stomach sickness next time, it's too painful." System: "... I have already told you not to eat so much." When I returned to the box, Lu Ze just finished talking. 'Huschi' was very happy to say: "I have also played the internal test version, which is quite good. To be honest, "Wanjie" is the whole copyright package sold to the depth, they are the main In terms of film, animation, and sound, I didn’t pay much attention to the game. I didn’t pay much attention to it. At first I thought I would make a page tour or 2D. I didn’t expect you to value it so much, but I also looked for me personally. There must be a call for the powder to support." "That would thank Mr. Zhou." Lu Zewei smiled, after all, ‘Husky’ claimed to have 30 million dog powder on Weibo.
After talking about turning around, I saw that I was leaning against the seat, and my eyes were red, like crying, and I was greatly wronged. Lu Zexin missed a shot and asked: "What happened to you?" ‘Huskies’ also looked strangely and waved to the cold and said, “Nothing, have you finished talking?” Lu Ze brows and wrinkles, looked at the dishes on the table, and remembered that he seemed to have left in the middle of the cold, and suddenly there was speculation in his heart. ‘Huskies’ nodded beside him and asked, “Is it okay to Mr.?” "Nothing." Shaking his head to the cold, I heard that after they finished talking, they couldn’t help but admire: "Great God, can I worship you as a teacher?" ‘Husky’: “Why do you write a text to Mr.?” "Yeah." Nodded to the cold, and then embarrassed to say: "But... I am a little street." System: "..." What is it? The puffed rice is almost impossible to eat. Lu Ze blackened his face and interrupted: "Sorry, Mr. Zhou, his stomach is not good, it seems a bit uncomfortable, we will leave." When Xiang Gang wanted to say that he was fine, he was glanced at Lu Ze’s expressionless expression. The momentum suddenly faded and turned into a weak wave: “That God, we chatted with WeChat.” After getting on the bus, Lu Ze did not say a word, releasing air-conditioning throughout the journey. The road to the cold is not right, and the scalp is asking: "Where is this going?" "Hospital." Lu Ze coldly spit out two words. To the cold inexplicable guilty conscience, honestly accounted: "I have eaten a little more, but after taking the pill, I took the medicine, and now it is alright." "I still vomit?" Lu Ze bite his teeth. "Hey." Shrinking his neck to the cold, decided to say less. After confirming that the cold was gone, Lu Ze finally changed the route and opened it for a while.

Chapter 10:

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