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Chapter 7

Lu Ze poked at the notebook with a pen, his tone steady and his face serious: “We spent nearly six months together and the daily expenses during this period was not counted. I brought you to the lavish cocktail receptions and dinners approximately three times. Each time, you bought a suit, each set priced at 300,000 yuan, we’ll just count it as 900,000 in total. On your birthday, you asked for a watch that cost 1.5 million and dined at an expensive hotel. You went there twice, spending a total of 200,000 which is currently under my name..."
"Stop, stop." Xiang Han was feeling disoriented by him and quickly interrupted: "Just give me a total number."
"A total of more than 2.6 million, to give you an easier figure, 2.5 million." Lu Ze’s eyes were filled with mirth. After he finished saying this, he added: "In addition, there are also the utility bills and given that the card has already been frozen, we can forget about those."
Xiang Han: "..." Was this what it means to calculate clearly? No, this is not the point!
[Little nine, what is the equivalent of 2.5 million yuan in star coins, is it easy to earn?] Xiang Han quickly asked.
System: [... In terms of purchasing power, 2.5 million RMB is equivalent to two million star coins.]
“Two million?!”  Xiang Han spluttered, then distressed: “You can buy a bathroom in the Capital Star’s mansion.”
"It is two and a half million." Lu Ze emphasized, and what was the Capital Star? Shouldn’t it be the Royal Park?
How could he have the mood to listen to him, Xiang Han continued to ask the system: [Little nine, I remember you said this is a game, can you charge money in?]
System: [...sorry, this function is not supported at this time. In addition, even if you can charge, there is no money in Mr. Xiang's account.]

Lu Ze poked a small pen with a pen, and his speech rate was steady. His face was serious: "We have been together for nearly six months, and the daily expenses during the period are not counted. We will take you to various cocktail parties and dinners three times. A set, the price of each set is about 300,000, even if you are 900,000. You have a birthday, let me send you a watch, worth 1.5 million. You banquet twice at the magnificent hotel, a total of consumption More than 200,000, the bill is recorded in my name..."

"Stop and stop." To the cold, he said to the dizzy, directly interrupted: "You will say a total."

"A total of more than 2.6 million, give you an integer, two hundred and five hundred thousand." Lu Ze smiled, said and added: "In addition, there is no bank water, because the card has been frozen, Even if it is."

Xiang Han: "..." Is it so tidy? No, this is not the point!

"Small nine, here is 2.5 million equivalent of how many stars, how to earn?"

System: "...In terms of purchasing power, 2.5 million RMB is equivalent to two million stars."

"Two million?!" came out of the cold, and then looked sad: "You can buy a bathroom in the capital's mansion."

"It is two and a half million." Lu Ze stressed, and what is the capital star? Not the emperor?

Where is the mood to him, continue to ask the system: "Xiaojiu, I remember you said that this is a game, can you top up?"

System: "...Sorry, this is not supported at the moment. In addition, even if you can charge, there is no money on your account with Mr. Xiang."

When I was cold, I broke my heart and asked: "What do you say? This is what the original owner owes, not what I owe."

System: "So you need to promote the plot development."

No help for help, just raised his head to the cold, looking at Lu Ze with hope, and asked: "Can I return those clothes and watches to you?"

Lu Ze smiled and shook his head: "The dresses are tailor-made, except that you can't wear them. As for the watch, you are put on the show and lost the next day."

After saying that his eyebrows were slightly picky, some strange questions: "You were sad for more than half a month, and reported the police, don't you remember?"

"Oh, remember, of course remember. I mean... wait until you get back and return you." Xiang Han looked stiff and his heart was broken into powder.

"Also, then you can still save a million. After you have finished the money, where do you want to go, I will never stop." Lu Ze is very simple.

I cried to the cold and said, "But I have only two thousand."

"This way." Lu Ze expressed sympathy, but...

"What does this have to do with me? After all, you said, we have broken up." He is also very helpless.

To the cold bite: "After breaking up, I also ask the other party to return the expenses during the exchange. This is a very good performance. The people who will do this must be very stingy and have very bad personality."

Lu Ze is not angry at all, and the slow explanation explains: "For ordinary people, 2.5 million is not a small amount. For me, 2.5 million can make the company develop less detours, and more Steps. You know what I am doing now, even the cars are replaced with less than 100,000 crispy cars."

Wrinkled to the cold, Lu Ze continued to flicker: "Not to mention, I have been thinking about you for a lifetime, so I am willing to spend so much on you. Now you don't want to live with me for a lifetime, my investment has no return, Shouldn’t it be withdrawn?”

"But... I really don't have money." Xiang Han is also very helpless, and the money is not what he spent.

Lu Ze coughed a little and said: "If you don't want to do it, as long as you don't break up, we..."

"No." The body immediately sat up straight, and the attitude was very firm. This is a matter of principle. If he does not break up, how can he match the goal and the protagonist?

"That's okay." Lu Ze had already guessed that this would be the result. He took out a document directly from the drawer and handed him a message: "If this is the case, it is better to look at this."

I took a few pages to the cold and then looked up surprised: "Labor contract?"

"Not bad." Lu Ze nodded. He walked over and pointed to the salary. "The average salary of A big fresh graduates is 13,000. After you graduate, you will work at Tianchen. After work, you will return here to do housework and take care of me. Living and living. I will give you double pay, of which 3,000 will be directly credited to your account for your daily expenses, and another 23,000 will be used for credits. How about?"

After calculating the cold, I said with a bitter face: "Is it still more than three years?" If you can't find a watch, you have to wait longer.

"Stupid child." Lu Ze licked his hair and said: "Wage will rise, and a million I will not charge you interest, it will not last long."

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