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Targetx Chapter 12

Chapter 12
Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations
Editor: Dragon_reader

Once Xiang Han was sent to the hospital, he continued holding Lu Ze and groaning. Halfway through, he saw the doctor who had treated Xiang Han’s stomach problems last time. The other party saw him and said: “You really have fate with this hospital.”

However, after understanding the situation, he was kind enough to help the two arrange everything.

Lu Ze awkwardly tried to block the unknown substance on his pants and a certain part that had risen. His expression was extremely stiff. He had never been so embarrassed in his entire life, and he furiously scolded Zhao Handong several times in his heart.

Being tormented the whole day, Xiang Han finally calmed down and fell asleep when night came. When Lu Ze came in, he saw Xiang Han’s leg had been propped up and his arm was in a cast. His wrists were wrapped in thick gauze as he laid pitifully on the bed.

The doctor ordered: "The traction needs two weeks. It's best to stay in the hospital during this time. You need to go and do the relevant paperwork tomorrow morning. The other wounds are not a big problem, his wrists only suffered superficial injuries and there are some fractures on his right arm. If his recovery goes well, the cast can be removed within a month.”

"Thank you." Lu Ze nodded his head. Waiting for the doctor to leave, he stepped forward and gently touched the bruises on Xiang Han’s face. A harsh light flashed through his eyes.

He quickly walked out of the ward and dialed his mother's private lawyer's number: "Uncle Zhang, there is something I need you to do for me."

When Xiang Han woke up and tried to move, he felt an incredible pain in his body and could not help but groan. It seemed that little nine had really used him as a machine and felt as if his body had fallen apart.

Lu Ze slept by the edge of the bed last night. When he heard the noise, he quickly woke up and asked, "You’re awake? How do you feel? Do you need me to call the doctor?"

Seeing worry in his eyes, Xiang Han was touched. The target was really good to him, being his friend was not in vain. He decided not to provoke the other person’s anger in the future and stay away from smelly tofu. Anyway, he had recently found out, that normal tofu was also quite delicious.

However, after a moment, the memory of last night finally came back to him. His expression suddenly froze and his mind went 'boom'. In a moment, he had turned red from his face all the way down to his neck, He hurriedly used his uninjured left hand to cover himself with the blanket and glumly said: "I'm fine, you go out."

Lu Ze guessed what he had thought of and the worry in his eyes suddenly turned into a smile. He leaned over and asked, "What, you want to run after eating?"

"What did I eat?" Wasn’t it just a little bit of touching and rubbing, it was not like he had… cough. That was a special situation, everybody should understand. As for the latter part, it was Lu Ze who took initiative to help him.

Xiang Han lowered the blanket guiltily, but when he turned his head, he was directly facing Lu Ze. They were very close to each other and could almost feel each other's breath lingering on their cheeks.

Xiang Han stared at him in a daze, unable to respond for a moment. Lu Ze’s eyes gradually deepened. He slowly approached, pressing his lips against Xiang Han’s for a moment before licking it a little. He slowly pried Xiang Han's lips apart and firmly intruded into his mouth, sucking his tongue mercilessly.

Xiang Han’s brain crashed, watching him approach, he could not put up any resistance. At this time, his face was so red to the point of dripping blood and had forgotten to breathe. A numbing feeling came from his tongue before he suddenly sobered up and pushed Lu Ze away.

Lu Ze was afraid of hurting him. He quickly let go and found out that Xiang Han had held his breath until his tears almost came out and found it a bit funny: "Dummy, how can you forget to breathe?"

With tears in his eyes, Xiang Han complained: "I treat you as a friend, but you… you actually... Ah!"

Lu Ze leaned over for another kiss before he asked, "Which of your eyes saw that we were friends?"

Xiang Han was kissed until he was furious and raged: "So it was just my wishful thinking. You never treated me as a friend? I was kind enough to help you and the prota... the, the who."

“Help?” Lu Ze’s face suddenly turned black, and when he recalled the people he had interacted with recently, he immediately asked, “Sun Shuya?”

"Oh, you guessed it?" Xiang Han was somewhat surprised. After seeing Lu Ze's dark face, he could not help shrinking his neck back and carefully asked, "Don't you have feelings for him?"

"Which eye of yours saw that I have feelings for him?" Lu Ze was about to go mad from anger.

Xiang Han tried to defend himself: "But you obviously admire him! He is just an intern, yet you give the most important jobs to him and always work overtime with him..."

This time it was Lu Ze's turn to be stunned. Watched Xiang Han’s 'uneasy' expression, his heart gradually had an understanding.

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When he was sent to the hospital, he was still holding Lu Zezhen. On the way, I met the cold-faced doctor who saw the stomach last time. The other said silently: "You really have a relationship with this hospital."

However, after learning about the situation, he was kind enough to help the two arrange it.

Lu Ze did not naturally block the unclear things on the trousers and somewhere he held up. The expression was stiff all the time. He felt that he had never been so embarrassed in his life, and he slammed Zhao Handong again.

Tossing up in the middle of the night, I finally fell asleep in the cold. When Lu Ze came in, he saw that he had pulled on his leg, his arm was plastered, his wrist was wrapped in thick gauze, and he was lying pitifully in the bedding.

The doctor said: "It takes half a month to pull. It is best to be hospitalized during this time. Trouble to go through the procedure tomorrow morning. Others are not big problems. The wrist is only a skin injury, and the right arm has some bone fracture. If it is good, it will be a month. Remove the plaster."

"Thank you." Lu Ze nodded. After the doctor left, he stepped forward and stroked the bruise on his face, and his eyes flashed a bit.

He quickly walked out of the ward and called the mother's private lawyer: "Zhang Shu, there is something to please."

When I woke up to the cold, I felt a little pain in my body and I couldn’t help but scream. It seems that Xiao Jiu really used him as a mech, and felt that his body had fallen apart.

Lu Ze slept on the bed last night and slept. He heard the voice awake quickly and got up and asked: "Wake up? How do you feel? Do you need to call a doctor?"

Seeing his eyes in his eyes, he did not hide his feelings and was moved to the cold. The goal is good for him, not a friend. He decided not to provoke the other party to be angry in the future, and not to eat stinky tofu, anyway, he recently found that the tofu is also delicious.

However, after a while, the memory in the car last night gradually came back. His expression was suddenly sluggish, and his mind banged, blushing from the blush to the neck, and quickly tweeted the quilt with his uninjured left hand, screaming: "I'm fine, go out."

Lu Ze guessed what he thought of, and the worry in his eyes turned into a smile. He leaned over and said, "Why, if you finish eating, don't you want to accept it?"

"What have I eaten?" It wasn't that he was licking on him, and he didn't... cough. At that time, the situation was special. Everyone understood and understood each other. As for later, it was also Lu Ze who took the initiative to help him.

Pulling the quilt to the chilly heart, but when turning around, it is just right with Lu Ze’s line of sight. The two are very close, and they can almost feel the breath of the other person on the cheeks.

Looking at the other side of the cold, I did not respond. Lu Ze's eyes gradually deepened, then slowly approached, pasted his lips, rubbed for a while, and then opened the lips a little bit, unswervingly invading, squatting and sucking.

A bang into the cold brain, watching him approaching, but can not do any resistance. At this time, his blushing blood, even forgot to breathe, until a burst of numbness from the tip of his tongue, suddenly awake, forced to refuse the other side.

Lu Ze was afraid of hurting him, and quickly let go, and found that his tears came out soon, and suddenly it was a little funny: "A fool, how can you not even breathe?"

With tears in his eyes, he complained: "I treat you as a friend, you, you actually... Hey!"

Lu Ze leaned over and kissed for a while, then gasped and asked: "Which eyes do you see that we are friends?"

Panting to the cold, I panted for a long time and said: "It turned out that I was wishful thinking. Have you never regarded me as a friend? Losing me is a good match for you and the Lord... then, who?"

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