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Targetx Chapter 13

Chapter 13
Translator: Vivi from dummytranslations :)
Editor: Dragon_Reader

Xiang Han got the feeling that he had been enticed and looked into Lu Ze’s dark eyes. In a daze, he nodded. Soon after, he was pulled back into an embrace and kissed thoroughly by the other person. What was even stranger, was that he didn't feel forced or any regret after this.

Ah, does that not mean that he had agreed not because of the task or the money?

Struggling to break free from Lu Ze’s arms, he sighed for two seconds and began to worry for the other person: “Are you still planning to change ‘Ten Thousand Worlds?’ I heard that the banks have rejected your loan request?”

Since there was no need to matchmake them anymore, there was no need to experience Tianchen’s crisis any longer. Should he also help to solve that problem with the bank's loans?

Lu Ze hugged him and rested his chin on his shoulders. Xiang Han heard a light laugh and then a whisper, "Are you worried for me?"

Seeing that he still had the mood to laugh, Xiang Han felt very gloomy and turned his head away, "I am serious. There is nothing unique about ‘Ten Thousand Worlds’ and the core technology is easy to copy."

Lu Ze looked at Xiang Han’s extremely serious face and how he was worried for himself. But he only felt the desire to push him down and bully him. Thus, he really did so. Rolling over, he pushed Xiang Han down, kissed and touched him all over. If they were not in the hospital and if Xiang Han was not injured, he would probably do everything once over.

"I’m being serious here. Can you focus?" Xiang Han stared at him furiously, his eyes sparkling with tears, and his ears blushing red.

Although Lu Ze wanted to continue bullying him, seeing that his lips were already slightly swollen, he had to reluctantly stop. Laying down on his side, he explained: “I have also thought about the things that you’ve mentioned, that’s why I wanted to make a big change. But the bank..."

Saying this, Lu Ze frowned slightly. He clearly had not solved this problem.

Xiang Han sighed and said: "I will accompany you to the bank next time."

Since Lu Hai had used unfair means to make Lu Ze be unable to borrow money, he could also use abnormal means to counterattack, for example, spiritual force.
Lu Ze listened with curiosity and asked unconsciously, "What, you have a way?"

Xiang Han’s nerves tensed: "I'm quite lucky..."

Fortunately, Lu Ze's cell phone rang suddenly and Xiang Han sighed with relief, pushing him away.

Lu Ze temporarily let him go, but after picking up the phone, the smile on his face suddenly froze.

He quickly left the ward and decided to close the door before he answered: “Uncle Zhang, what did you mean by that sentence? Can’t be prosecuted for kidnapping or illegal possession of firearms?”

Lawyer Zhang apologized: “Lu Ze, I’m afraid this matter will be difficult to deal with. They found someone to become his scapegoat and said that Zhao Handong was also abducted. That is to say, the crimes that he can be prosecuted for is only the illegal use of firearms. At most, he will be imprisoned for two or three years, but it is very likely that he will be released early. In addition, he may even be released on bail in the near future."

Lu Ze gripped his phone tightly, his fingers tensed and was silent for a long time before gritting his teeth: "What about the sale and possession of drugs?"

Lawyer Zhang sighed, "Lu Ze, I know what you mean. But after all, there is no evidence. Although the results for the residual solution in the syringe has yet to come out, whether or not it will be declared a drug, we both know."

Lu Ze closed his eyes and when he opened his eyes, he repressed his anger and said: "If it’s two or three years, so be it. But it cannot be reduced."

"I will try, but... you don't expect too much."

When he returned to the ward, Lu Ze's mood was somewhat glum. He had to admit that, without Lu family’s background, many things had become much more difficult to handle and he may not even be able to get revenge for his lover.

After knowing the reason, Xiang Han subconsciously tried to comfort him: "Look, am I not okay now? Moreover, he relied on his family while you rely on yourself. You are much better than him, but..."

"But what?" Seeing Xiang Han suddenly frowned, Lu Ze could not help but ask.

Xiang Han thought for a moment before saying: "Zhao Handong may really be dealing in drugs."

Lu Ze looked at him and asked, "Are you sure?"

"En," Xiang Han nodded and said: "He may not have used it himself, but he definitely bought some before." Otherwise, where did the original host get his drugs from?

Lu Ze looked serious, "How do you know?"

"Uh," Xiang Han had a guilty conscience and confessed: "Before... didn’t I hang out with him for a while? And even his friends smoked at that time."

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Xiang Han felt that he was probably bewildered. Looking at Lu Ze’s dark eyes, the ghost made him worse when he made the difference, and then he was pressed in the arms and kissed him. Even more strange is that after the end, he did not feel stubborn and regret.

Hey, isn't he only agreeing for the task and for the money?

After struggling to break away from Lu Ze’s arms, he sighed for two seconds, and then began to worry about the other side: “Do you want to change the “Wanjie”? I heard that the bank has been reluctant to lend?”

Since there is no need to match them, the crisis of Tianchen will not have to go through. The bank's loan, should he also help solve it?

Lu Zehuan hugged him, his chin on his shoulders, and whispered, whispered, "Do you worry about me?"

Seeing that he still has a feeling of laughter, he couldn’t help but be depressed. He turned and said, "I mean, "Wanjie" has no special features and core technology, and it is easy to be copied."

Lu Ze looked at him with a serious look and thought for himself. He just wanted to put him under his body and bully. Then he did this, turned over and pressed down to the cold, kissed it all over and touched it again. If it is not in the hospital, if it is not injured in the cold, he is expected to come to the full set.

"I am talking about business, can you be serious?" He glared at him with cold anger, his eyes shining, his ears red blood.

Lu Ze still wants to continue to bully, but sees that his lips are swollen, so he regrets to stop, lying sideways, explaining: "I also thought about the situation you said, so I want to change it once, but the bank is over there. ......"

Speaking of this, he frowned slightly and apparently did not solve the problem.

Sighed cold and said: "Next time I will accompany you to the bank."

Since Lu Hai uses unfair means to make Lu Ze unable to borrow money, he can also counterattack with abnormal means, such as spiritual suggestion.

Lu Ze listened to some curiosity and asked subconsciously: "Why, you have a way."

I couldn’t help but feel cold. "I am lucky..."

Fortunately, Lu Ze’s mobile phone suddenly rang, and he sighed with relief and pushed him to let him go.

Lu Ze temporarily let him go, but after the phone was connected, the smile on his face suddenly condensed.

He quickly left the ward and decided to close the door before he calmly asked: "Zhang Shu, what do you mean by the words just now? Kidnapping, illegal possession of firearms can not be judged?"

Mr. Zhang apologized apologetically: "Ozawa, I am afraid it is not easy to do this. They found someone to sin and said that Zhao Handong was also kidnapped. That is to say, the crimes that are now on him are only illegally armed, at most two or three. Years, and it is very likely to be suspended. In addition, he may be released on bail pending trial."

Lu Ze clung to the mobile phone, his hands were blue and violent, and he was silent for a long while. He gnawed his teeth: "If you buy and sell drugs?"

Lawyer Zhang sighed: "Ozawa, I know what you mean, but there is no evidence after all. Although the identification results of the residual liquid of the needle tube have not yet come out, but it is not a drug, you and I know it."

Lu Ze closed his eyes and closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he suppressed his anger and said: "Two or three years, two or three years, but it cannot be suspended."

"I will try my best, but... don't expect too much."

When returning to the ward, Lu Ze’s mood was somewhat low. He has to admit that after the background of Lu Jia, many things have become difficult to do, and may not be able to revenge for lovers.

After knowing the cause to the cold, the subconscious comforted: "I am not okay? And he is at home, you are on your own, he is comparable to you. But..."

"But what?" Seeing him suddenly frowning, Lu Ze could not help but ask.

Thinking about the cold, I want to say: "Zhao Handong may be really poisoned."

Lu Ze looked at it and asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Nodded to the cold and said: "He may not have smoked himself, but he must have bought it." Otherwise, where did he come from drugs that lure the original owner?

"How do you know?" Lu Ze looked serious.

"Hey." Some guilty to the cold, confessed: "I used to... I didn't mix with him for a while, and some of his friends and friends were sucking."

Lu Ze listened for a while and was afraid. If he didn't see that he was acting in the cold, he did not force him to stay with him. Will the cold be caught by Zhao Handong and then dyed these things?

Thinking of this possibility, he was all over the body, and he said to him coldly: "I won’t be able to meet those people in the future, and there must be something to tell me. I am not allowed to squat, nor are I allowed to think about myself. ""

"Oh." Although the cold did not understand what happened to him, but he could see that he was worried about himself, so he raised his left hand without plaster and hugged it.

Helping the cold, Lu Ze quickly loaned money and successfully changed the "Wanjie". When the perfection was nearing the end, he handed the game to the technical department for full treatment and stayed with him all day.

On the day of the public test, Zhao Handong was just released on bail pending trial. Lu Ze and Zhang were also present. Zhao Handong recognized their car and smiled slyly across the window.

Lawyer Zhang secretly slammed the 'scum', and turned to persuade Lu Ze: "Don't go too far, I have greeted my friends and promised to strictly enforce the regulations. During this period, he can't go anywhere, he can only be honest. Stay home."

Lu Ze shook his head and said carelessly: "No, let people keep an eye on it."

On the other hand, the employees of Tianchen Company were very busy, but most of them were filled with joy, so that Lu Ze had been there for a long time, but no one noticed.

He had to walk into the technical department and ask with a light cough: "How about the public beta?"

Qian Xiaofeng, the head of the technical department, is a college student. He heard the words immediately and looked excited. "In less than half a day, the number of players has exceeded 300,000, and the growth rate is still rising. It is estimated that there will be 700,000 people today. registered."

When Sun Shuya didn't know when he came over, he smiled and said: "Today is the premiere of the "Wanjie" big movie. I am afraid there will be more people coming online tomorrow."

"Yeah." Lu Ze only fainted.

Sun Shuya saw it, and his face was not ugly. He wanted to say what he said when he saw him privately. He subconsciously clenched his fists and struggled.

Lu Ze’s surface is calm, and his heart is actually very happy. 700,000 people, although not comparable to the main products of those big companies, but also quite good. Moreover, "Wanjie" comes with fans, as long as the quality of the game is decent, the follow-up players will continue to flow. The most important thing is that the revised "Wanjie" has its own characteristics and core technology, it is difficult to be a cottage.

However, they still underestimated the power of fans. After 18 hours, the registered player has exceeded the estimated 700,000, and when it is nearly 24 hours, it has exceeded one million. In the end, on the first day of the public beta, "Wanjie" registered 1.01 million players. This achievement, even in the main games of big companies, is also very good. Tianchen’s employees are all happy and can’t wait to have a night out.

The official website forum is also a praise, many players are book powder, have excitedly leave a message:

“The scene is too much restored, and the Longwu Forest is exactly what I imagined!”

"In fact, many plots can't be remembered, but after playing the game, the familiar feeling is coming back in an instant."

"Yes, remember when the junior high school, the brothers tore a copy of "Wanjie" into several copies, secretly exchanged in the language class. In a blink of an eye, this has passed seven or eight years..."

"You can call the brothers of the year to play together. Hey, think about how many years have not been contacted..."

Lu Ze just saw this, and Qian Xiaofeng smiled at the side of the ‘嘿嘿’ and said, “This article is made by you.”

"It's too obvious." Lu Ze calmly put away the phone, but the curvature of the mouth is very obvious.

He is obviously very surprised by such achievements. But when he saw Sun Shuya, he quickly calmed down. When Sun Shuya saw Lu Hai’s affairs, he knew clearly that there was still a hard battle to fight.

When Lu Ze walked out of the company, the in-depth Mr. Wu called, first congratulations, and then pretended to complain: "Mr. Zhou is really thick and thin, yesterday only promoted the game, but did not mention the movie."

Mr. Zhou? Is it a ‘husky in the dog’?

After reading the microblogging search, Lu Ze suddenly understood that it seems that the last player can break through one million, and 30 million ‘dog powder’ has made a lot of achievements. He called to ‘Huskies’ and thanked him for coming to the hospital with a good mood.

It was late at night, but I still didn't sleep until I was cold. I was holding the phone and constantly poked the screen. Even Lu Ze didn't notice it.

Lu Ze took the mobile phone directly and frowned and asked: "So late, why don't you sleep?"

"I talked to the gods how to write a text. Right, I still

Chapter 13:

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